Monday, 16 May 2011

Three Freakin' Things

Thanks, Judy over at JudysPhotos, for tagging me last week with the Three Freakin' Things meme! I'll leave it up to each of you to figure out which answers are true and which are not.

3 places I go:
--Mars, for the intellectual stimulation of its great universities.
--Timbuktu, to get away from it all.
--Winnipeg. Just because.

3 crushes I have:
--Sarah Palin, that hawt bitch.
--Kirstie Alley, because big women ARE sexy, baby!
--And of course, Colin Firth. My one male fantasy.

3 smells I love:
--Bacon frying, yum!
--Creosote. It reminds me of my childhood.
--Napalm in the morning. It smells like VICTORY!

3 favourite TV shows:
--The Big Bang Theory. Love those crazy boys!
--Joel Osteen's TV Ministry. Save my soul, Joel!
--Mad Men. Don Draper, you charming bastard . . . .

3 favourite movies:
--Texas Chainsaw Massacre, for its cinematography.
--Don't Mess with The Zohan, for its whimsical fuckery.
--Little Miss Sunshine, for its insightful commentary on hard geopolitical truths.

3 recommendations:
--Buy my amazing product. It's better than a slap chop!
--Write me into your will. You won't be sorry. I'd make a great beneficiary.
--Send me money. I'll pray for you in return.

3 people whose Three Freakin' Things I'd like to read (a.k.a. "Tag! You're it!"):
--Melissa at Being Melissa
--Winter Slytherin at 'Cause Baby You're A Firework
--Midwinterain at Journey of a New Witch

3 things you don't know about me:
--I have cute toes.
--I never had any wisdom teeth because I exist on a higher evolutionary plane than ordinary humans.
--I secretly yearn to be a ninja.

3 bands I love:
--The Eurythmics because of Annie Lennox, that hawt butch.
--Lawrence Welk because of the champagne bubbles.
--The Beatles because who DOESN'T love them?


Twain12 said...

Sarah Palin?, Creosote?, Napalm? LOL

BugginWord said...

I like it when you're uppity. Especially when you use phrases like "whimsical fuckery." I can't wait to try that one out at my doctor's appointment today.

Jeanne said...

So insightful. :0) Very brave of you to share such a wealth of information! ;0)

Jim said...

I always figured you were more evolved than the rest of us!

Corinna said...

I share a few loves...Don Draper, creosote, the Beatles...and I'd like to think I have cute toes too :)

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I like Osteen, Kirstie also, nice that you have cute toe's :)

Wendy said...

You're beginning to sound more and more like YRH, Debra ;) Annie Lennox, Colin and Sarah, yep, I can dig it...And yes, not having wisdom teeth absolutely proves you are a higher being. Although I must say, I'm a Rolling Stones girl over the Beatles. Ahhh, one can't be too perfect, can they? ;)

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Three Reasons I comment on your posts.

1. I love reading what you write because I think you have a fabulous sense of humor!

2. You seem like a fun person and your blog is a great read!

3. You don't take yourself too seriously, but just seriously enough.

Have a wonderful week :-)

laughingwolf said...


my friend, chris eldin, calls her two kids: thing 1, and thing 2

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...



Francie said...

Such fun! Instead of hands perhaps you should bare your toes!

Judy said...

I love Thing 1 and Thing 1; though Thing 1 is not as cute...but it's not his fault...

My daughter tells me I have short, stubby toes...but what does she know...


creosote is actually one of my favorite smells..makese me think of my child hood too..don't get to smell it any more as it's been outlawed..miss it.

mxtodis123 said...

The three things I love about you:
1. Your wit.
2. Your sense of humor.
3. That I always feel better after visiting here.

Cora said...

My my, Ms. Debra has brought out the cuss words today ;) Sarah Palin could be one hawt bitch if she just kept her mouth shut...

Love your post!

Missy said...

Sarah Palin?.... i will act as if i didn't read that one. LOL.. I love Cora's comment... LOL.. Palin needs Shhhhh!!!!

I always love reading your blog too.... glad i am one of your THINGS.

May just have to share my own at some point.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

What a delightful post- thanks for sharing

Tricky Nag said...

Make sure you get a photo the day that you and Sarah are hanging out in Timbuktu together. Unfortunately, since it will just be a photo, we'll just have to imagine the Lawrence Welk playing in the background, and the aroma of Victory. :)

Drew Green said...

Sarah Palin, Kirstie Alley, and Colin Firth?
What an interesting combination.

Blueberry said...

I'm calling out Sarah Palin, Joel Osteen, and Napalm for a Truthiness test! ;-)

DEZMOND said...

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE fits quite nicely with Sarah Palin :)

Midwinterain said...

Lol, i'll have to try this next time I get hold of a computer with internet connection!


Lynette Killam said...

Three thing I have in common with you:

1) I too love wordplay, though you've outdone any effort of mine with "whimsical fuckery".

2) I too would enjoy toying with Colin Firth, but would drop him in a minute for a date with Julianne Moore,(my lesbian fantasy).

3) I too have lovely toes that are pining because cold and rain are keeping them out of sandals and freedom!

Great lists, D. I really enjoyed them...:)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hi Lynette -- I wish I could claim credit for "whimsical fuckery" but it was coined by some other unknown person! I agree that it's a marvelous phrase. And if you've got the hots for both Colin Firth and Julianne Moore, then the movie "A Single Man" is for you because they're both in it!