Friday, October 24, 2014

The Black Rabbit of Inlé

I've mentioned before that I am a huge fan of the book Watership Down by Richard Adams and also of the excellent animated movie based on it. I love how the author created a whole myth-based spirituality for the rabbits centred around their sun-deity, Great Frith.

At this time of year, it seems only fitting to do a post honouring Great Frith's alter-ego, the Black Rabbit of Inlé. Like our own grim reaper, the Black Rabbit appears to all rabbits at their predestined hour of death and guides them from this world. "Inlé" is the rabbit word for the moon.

Here's the Black Rabbit as portrayed in the 1978 movie --

And here are some exceptional fan art interpretations of the Black Rabbit of Inlé --

[by evion]

[by Fiszike]

And don't think that you are immune to the Black Rabbit just because you are human. Go ahead, check under your bed and see if you have one of these --

[by swandog]

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spooky Ouija Board Fun

When we were 12, my friend Horsey Girl and I spent the entire summer holiday having long, deep conversations with a ouija board. Between the two of us, the magical planchette positively flew around the board, answering all our questions and spelling out fantastical information. We even made contact with our very own ouija board spirit! She told us her name was Natasha and also gave us her entire life story, spelling it out letter by painfully slow letter. Natasha was our conduit to the other world, the spooky world of weird.

Oh, how we loved Natasha! We had just learned to embroider in 4-H so Horsey Girl made a beautiful yellow satiny cloth with "Natasha" embroidered on it. After every session, we would wrap the planchette in Natasha's special cloth until the next day when we would consult the oracle again.

I can't remember now anything that Natasha told us but I do know that once the summer was over, Natasha departed and never returned again. When we pulled out the ouija board after that, the planchette would barely move for us. The magic was gone, gone, gone. We were bereft. After a while, the ouija board just got left in the closet. What was the point if Natasha wasn't present?

For whatever reason, our highly-charged adolescent psyches, emotions or something like that just "clicked" that summer and the ouija board came alive for us. I know that neither of us was pushing the planchette. Our fingers were barely touching it. In some mysterious way, we were externalizing our imaginations and our creativity and Natasha was born.

Has the ouija board ever been a factor in your life?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Superheroes Assemble!

Of all the kids who come to the door trick-or-treating on Halloween, I think the cutest are the ones dressed up as superheroes. Here's some especially adorable examples from the internet --

Now I know that these next two aren't technically superheroes, but they're just so darn cute I have to include them!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Important Public Service Announcement

And you know what that means! Yes, my sisters, our deliverance from the tyranny of the razor is near! All spring and summer, our minds have been consumed by a single onerous thought --

Of course, there are ways around any social rule or convention. Many of us just skate by and do the absolute bare minimum. "Guilty as charged!"

But in winter -- glorious winter! -- we can wear pants all the time and never, ever have to shave our legs until spring and warmer weather arrive again! But that first spring shave is pretty gruesome, isn't it ladies? We need a heavy duty razor for that one. A veritable weed whacker.

So enjoy your soon-to-be luxuriously furry female appendages! Not having to shave is the only good thing about winter.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Cats

Halloween is tailor-made for cats. And some cats are tailor-made for Halloween!

Don't mess with this fearsome Mehitabel if you value your skin.

Many thanks to Ms. Crankypants for directing me to this next awesome kitty. She is named Batgirl and has her own delightful Facebook page here!

Hey, these cats must belong to Mr. Bones!

Zombie alert! Run for your nine lives!

Oh oh! Catwoman has been trick or treating, but not for candy. Naughty kitty!

But of course, Catwoman doesn't care what we think. Like all cats, she does what she wants, when she wants and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

I'm in Manitoba right now, visiting my Mom in the nursing home. We're celebrating Thanksgiving in our own way. I'm sneaking in a pumpkin pie from Safeway so Mom can eat the filling with a spoon. Since her last stroke a couple of years ago, she can only eat pureed or soft food, so eating the crust is not an option. But the filling is safe. That's the best part anyway!

The taste she misses most is chocolate so I also bring her a small Tim Horton's hot chocolate every day that I'm here. She enjoys these little treats tremendously. My only regret is that she can't have them more often.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating it today!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Getting the Last Word

In the spirit (so to speak) of this week's theme of death and skeletons, here's a few tombstones and other memorials for your consideration.