Friday, 22 June 2018

"Women, Women Who Love Women"

". . . are the happiest women in the world . . . ." Isn't that how the old Barbra Streisand song goes?

Well, it does in MY head! Screw what anyone else remembers.

Now let's hear it for Lez Girls!

Back in MY day, you only had to recruit ONE straight woman to get your toaster oven. I guess they've upped the ante now. Probably because SO MANY want to convert, it's hardly even a challenge anymore.

I've got MY merit badge, Sistahs! DO YOU???

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The Culture Wars Are Not QUITE Over Yet

Today, three choice tidbits from the ongoing Culture Wars . . . .

First, a noted enemy of the LGBTQ+ community passed away just last year -- Joseph Nicolosi, creator and promoter of so-called "reparative therapy" or "ex-gay therapy." Our community has long fought against his erroneous and harmful theories, which are really just old-fashioned "repression" and "oppression" dressed up in fancy-schmancy pseudo-scientific bigotry.

I thought the following brilliant tweet very pointedly applied his simplistic solutions to his own situation!

Secondly, there's some notable candidates running in the US midterms!

You loved her on Sex and the City, now hopefully Cynthia Nixon will soon be Governor of New York!

And I heard about this great guy running for Governor of Maryland thanks to Frank at Reluctant Rebel. He's got one of the best and funniest campaign ads I've seen in a long time!

Thirdly, gay wedding cakes! Need I say more?

And here's how straight allies can help!

But *gasp* here's the worst cut of all!

Monday, 18 June 2018

Happy Purride!

Hello, everyone! Her Royal Highness the cat here with my ANNUAL PURRIDE POST!

We cats love anything to do with RAINBOWS. They're even MORE fun to play with than LASER POINTERS!

And we love to SUPPORT our LGBTQ+ humans, even if we don't ALWAYS do everything they want . . . .

Cats know how important it is to ALWAYS BE TRUE TO YOURSELF!

Even if your other cat relatives DON'T APPROVE.

Always remember, as a WISE HUMAN * once said:

[* Yes, yes, I know "wise human" is a contradiction in terms but, believe it or not, there ARE such beings, rare though they may be]

And no matter what ANYONE says:

Friday, 15 June 2018

Hellfire, HA! I Laugh in Your Face

And according to self-proclaimed experts in this area, here are the other reasons people go to hell --

Okay, well, of all these reasons, I can beat the rap on being Mormon or Muslim . . . and I'm not a cutter or a thug . . . but otherwise, looks like I'm bloody doomed! Bet I'll have a lot of company in hell though, because let's face it, who doesn't like yoga pants? Soooooooo comfy!

Now, insofar as eternal hellfire for homosexuality goes, there's just one important little factor to keep in mind --

So what does Mr. Hellfire himself have to say about it?

LGBTQ+ people are not scared of hell, not one little bit.

And now I'm gonna share with you the top secret reason why!

You see, when each of us gets our LGBTQ+ certification from the Board of Directors of Queer Nation . . .

. . . we not only get the appropriate official membership card for our wallets . . .

. . . and the official rule book for our particular neck of the queer woods, but also . . .

. . . this handy-dandy little card! It covers everything!

So see you in heaven, all my LGBTQ+ brothers, sisters and non-binary gender-fluid siblings!

Unfortunately, all the rest of you are on your own.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Queer Superheroes Forever!

Today, many comic book publishers have created brand new LGBTQ+ superhero characters but I still pine to see the superheroes of my childhood FINALLY COME OUT! Because in my own personal headcanon --

And some are transgender or genderfluid too!

In addition. people are now finally starting to draw correct conclusions from some actual canonical backstories -- like that of Wonder Woman. She grew up and lived on Paradise Island where the only inhabitants were women. Gee, WHO did they all have their romantic relationships with?

And hey, who agrees with me that Wonder Woman and Super Girl should team up? Yeah, baby, yeah!

DC Comics actually made their contemporary Batwoman, Kate Kane, a lesbian. They wouldn't let her marry her lover Maggie though. "Superheroes shouldn't have happy personal lives," DC said. Which is true enough -- no superhero does.

DC did its level best to give Kate Kane a recognizable lesbian identity, even if they had to rely on some pretty standard lesbian tropes to do it. For example, we all know how much lesbians love to play baseball! In fact, sports teams were often how lesbians used to meet each other back in the bad old days of the Closet.

And here's Kate with a former lover, police detective Renee Montoya -- 1950s butch/femme style at its finest and most obvious!

Anyway, what about Batman himself? Is he truly the Dark Knight or is he actually the Rainbow Knight?

And Spider-Man is a modern teen, isn't he? Aren't they all bi these days?

[Editorial Note: As Adam correctly points out in the comments, that's the TRANS flag in the following artwork, not the BI flag. D'oh, my bad! There's so many Pride flags these days, I can't keep them all (you should pardon the expression) straight anymore. And just FYI Adam, there's a lot of fanfiction where Peter Parker is a young trans teen, so that's what this illustration undoubtedly relates to.]

Of course, we all know who has a major crush on him. It's true; Deadpool really does play for ANY team. Plus he likes getting pegged by his wife, apparently. I thought that was the funniest part of the whole first movie.

And finally, my two favourite bi/gay boys, Captain America and the Winter Soldier! Yes, I ship them! Don't judge me, lol!