Monday, 21 October 2019

It's Federal Election Day in Canada!

Well, today I have to go and vote for one of these numbnuts
to be the next Prime Minister of Canada.

And despite the endless media coverage
since the election was called,
no one has been able to tell me the
most important political information of all . . . .

It's hard not to be cynical about politicians
and the political process these days . . . .

For example, we believed in Justin Trudeau's
"sunny ways" last time and
where the hell did that get us?

WTF, we'd probably be better off if 
cats themselves actually did go into politics.

How much worse could they be?

A cat did run in Canada's last federal election.
I knew I should have voted for him!

Oh, Earl Grey, you magnificent furball,
where are you in 2019 now that 
your country needs you even more? 



Friday, 18 October 2019

So, You Want To Be A Witch

You saw our recruitment notice, did you?

Welcome, new recruits, to the
Sisterhood of Hextraordinary Women!

Soon, you too will be
a fully accredited witch!

For this degree course, you will require
the following tools and accessories.

1. A Traditional Hat, Standard Issue

2. A Cat or Other Suitable Familiar 

3. Access to the Interwebs

We are, after all, in the 21st century now!
Where did time go?

4. A Good Quality Cauldron

Ingredients for spells will be purchased as needed.

When buying your cauldron, don't go overboard!

And never fear -- a standard student diet 
will also be available on campus.

4. A Broom, New or Used

Just make sure it's appropriate for course work!

As a student, don't buy more broom than you can handle.

Older students, please retrofit
your mobility devices accordingly!

Give us a mere year-and-a-day and
we'll make a true witch out of you!

Your first-class degree will be recognized everywhere!

Now get down to work, girls!
There's hexing to be done!

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Drac Attack!

The risk of being bitten by a vampire increases
at this time of year, you know.

No matter where you live, whether at home . . . 

. . . or abroad.

Be sure your vampire killing kit is
fully stocked and at hand!

Be afraid!
Be very afraid!

But . . . is Dracula really still the threat he used to be?

The modern world is taking its toll on vampires.

Even a yoga class isn't safe for poor old Drac any more.

Sometimes pickings are plentiful,
plentiful enough to share . . .

. . . but sometimes a hungry vampire just has to "make do."

However, Dracula and his kind still walk among us!

They are devising new blood-sucking strategies all the time!

So this month, be safe and don't open your door to anyone!

Monday, 14 October 2019

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Families are celebrating Thanksgiving all over Canada today. 

Now, Canadians are just like everyone else.
There's nothing we enjoy more than a good bitch session.

But life really is better if we cultivate
an attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude makes all other positive attitudes possible.

Even the smallest and goofiest thing can trigger
life-affirming gratitude and happiness in us,
if we would only let it.

Friday, 11 October 2019

Tattoo Roundup

So not every post this month will be about Halloween.
This one is about something equally scary though
(at least according to some people) -- tattoos!

If anyone ever hassles you about your tats,
here's the perfect comeback! 

I must say, I've never personally had this particular dilemma --

Yes! The only opinion that matters here is yours!

If I ever get a third tattoo, it will be
a quotation from a favourite
Leonard Cohen song.

Although I do also love Moby-Dick . . . .

Pikachu, I choose you!
Well, at least the second version of you!

Cats and dogs are often tattooed.
Mostly in their ears, but not always . . . .

Hey, isn't that the Winter Soldier's cat?

Oh, wait! Here's a Halloween tattoo LOL after all!