Friday 29 July 2022


So my stats counter says
this blog has now received


since its start almost 
14 years ago in 2008.


Thanks to everyone who has
ever commented over the years!

And special thanks to
all you regular commenters! 

I read and enjoy every comment
that is published!

And I appreciate that all you commenters
are so civil and well-behaved.

Your comments are always 
intelligent, thought-provoking,
insightful and often very funny!

Yes, every once in awhile,
there will be a minor
brouhaha or contretemps
in the comments section --

But even that is not without its fun.

Of course, it's pretty much 
always the same commenter
behind the flying fur (so to speak)
and I think we all know who that is.

But even HRH's contributions towards
reaching this 70,000 milestone
are appreciated!

Wednesday 27 July 2022

HRH's New Religion

Her Royal Highness the Cat
read my last post and took it to heart.

Now she's busy proselytizing.

She expects you all to join.

You will be welcomed to her flock.

And you will enjoy the warmth 
of her Divine Love.

However, never ever question HRH
or challenge her authority.

She has already put ME on notice.

What can I say?

Monday 25 July 2022

Easy and Fun DIY Project!

Invent your OWN religion!

Have a good creation myth,
but don't get TOO bureaucratic
about the details --


A creation myth but told through the lens of modern project management.

“Per my previous email I rerouted the evolutionary chain to crabs because it is our most finished module. if you would like to interface about this you can click here to schedule a 1x1 with me, otherwise the entire Carcinisation demo is here.”


Hi, just hoping to follow up before the all hands meeting this Friday. The ocean development team has made great progress on their wildlife milestones, but early UX testing indicates that users find most of the demo products unsettling. Our VP of Product Design would like to remind wildlife developers to please follow the design team's "fish" moodboard and refrain from adding too many features (needle teeth, glowing head lamps, tentacles, etc.) or else the final product will become cluttered.

Start small and GROW!

Put in lots of CONTROLLING,

The best part is -- base
"you know who" on

Remember: CIRCULAR LOGIC rocks!

Throw in some
that people will fall for!

Saturday 23 July 2022

Two More Hockey Hair Gods

So to update my (shall we say) continuing fascination with long-haired hockey players, I spotted two more prime specimens while watching this year's Stanley Cup playoffs. Yes, these guys were the highlights of the entire playoffs for me.

(1) IGOR SHESTERKIN, Russian goalie for the New York Rangers. And he's a real tease about his long hair, too. He knows it's sexy!

(2) MIKA ZIBANEJAD, centre and alternate captain of the New York Rangers. He's from Sweden, but his heritage is Iranian and Finnish. What magnificent long hair, especially before it gets all sweaty!

That's all for now! I'll report back to you again next hockey season!

Thursday 21 July 2022

Thursday Art Date With Rain -- "A Poem"

This week, Rain's creativity prompt is not for artwork but for a poem! In the past, I dabbled in writing poetry, but the Muse deserted me once I started this blog because my efforts at writing were directed to blogging instead.

Actually, now that I think of it, the Muse should have deserted me before I wrote the following particularly histrionic piece of satirical nonsense. Oh well, too late now. Here it is for your amusement.

the horror of it all

when I was young
and full of

Self-Conscious Angst

I used to think my situation was


I have the soul of a poet
trapped in the body of a lawyer!

but today I'm older
and wiser, as these things go.
I now realize my situation is

Even More Tragic

I have the soul of a lawyer
trapped in the body of a poet!

pity me

[© Debra She Who Seeks, 2006]

Oh, Jean-Luc . . . I knew YOU'D understand!

Sunday 17 July 2022


We all know good ol' KFC, don't we?

Nothin' here but us chickens!

In one form or another!

But what do we REALLY know
about Colonel Sanders?

Is he as cute, cuddly and wholesome
as we think he is?

Or does the Colonel have a SECRET LIFE?


(And NO "finger-licking good" jokes PLEASE!)