Tuesday 19 September 2017

Blah Blah Blah Number Nine

Hello everyone. Her Royal Highness the Cat here once again. Before my human, Debra She Who Seeks, selfishly disappeared and stuck me with this stupid guest blogger gig, she told me I absolutely MUST post something on today's date. She mumbled blah blah blah number nine or similarly unintelligible gibberish to that effect. But frankly, who was listening? Not me.

So now I'm trying to remember what number nine refers to. Hmmm . . . .

The Nine Circles of Hell?

That's certainly what this thankless and unpaid guest blogger job has been like for moi.

A Cat's Nine Lives?

Unfortunately, all nine of mine are used up or I could escape this indentured blog servitude via the Happy Despatch.

The Nine Rings of Power?

I wish I had just ONE preciousssss ring so I could disappear too.

*heavy martyred sigh*

How tiresome this all is. Okay, okay, just let me rack my brain a little more . . . .

Ohhhh, now I remember!

Ninth Blogoversary!

Yeah, that's right. Today this blog is nine years old.

Big whoop-dee-doo, right? It's so strange what humans get all worked up about.


Friday 1 September 2017

InsPURRation from Moi, HRH

Hello everyone. Her Royal Highness the Cat here once again from the Afterlife, filling in as Guest Blogger for my lazy human Debra She Who Seeks who has irresponsibly buggered off for a couple of months.

While I have your momentary attention, I feel obliged to impart some feline wisdom to you. Please take each and every one of these inspirational quotations to heart and perhaps you too can approach the spiritual heights on which we cats reside.

Hahahahahahaha, just kidding. You'll never attain that kind of enlightenment, being mere humans instead of cats. Nevertheless, for Bast's sake, just try to learn what you can from them with your substandard brains and inferior comprehension.

My blessings to you all.