Wednesday 28 April 2021

Can I Change My Slug Lifestyle?

I have never been even vaguely athletic
Physical exercise bores me stiff.

But I have never been so inactive 
as I have during this last year of 
stay-at-home pandemic life.

Now that the snow and ice are gone and 
warmer weather has started to arrive, 
I realize that I must get off my ass 
and get outside for some safe, 
socially-distanced exercise.

NO, I won't be going to a gym! 
They're still closed and quite rightly so.

And NO, I will not be jogging or running! 
Jesus, that would kill me stone dead.

And THIS nonsense ain't 
gonna happen either, pal.

I have to be realistic and start 
by doing something very basic

Very basic indeed.

I'm going to try to take a walk 
around the block every day.

Wish me luck and perseverance!

Monday 26 April 2021

April Full Moon Altar: Bast/Bastet

This month's full moon altar honours the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast/Bastet. Bast is the goddess in her fully feline form and Bastet is the goddess manifested as a woman with a cat's head. Bast/Bastet was a favourite goddess of the cat-loving Egyptians. Her worship started around 3,000 BCE.

I obtained my Bast statue in the 1990s from a museum-reproductions catalogue. She is adorned with an ornate gold collar featuring the Eye of Horus and also has a sacred Scarab Beetle on her forehead. Both are symbols of divinity.

My Bastet statue was purchased about 20 years ago in an Edmonton spirituality store (which shortly thereafter burned down and never reopened). Bastet holds a ceremonial sistrum in one hand (a shaken percussion instrument) and an aegis (protective collar or shield) in the other, both of which depict kittens.

Bast/Bastet is a goddess associated with fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, who protects against disease and evil spirits as well. However, she also has a very special and rare attribute -- she is the Goddess of Playfulness and Fun. 

Like all cats, Bast/Bastet likes nothing better than a good time; she takes delight in every little thing. Her message to us humans is that fun and play are necessary for a balanced life, so "lighten up!" 

In recognition of her wisdom, therefore, several cat toys adorn the altar as offerings to the Divine Feline.

This month's altar cloth is a white cotton pillowslip that I embroidered about 50 years ago in 4-H when I was 12 years old. The embroidery is very simple indeed -- single, running, daisy and satin stitches along with some French knots.

[Photos © Debra She Who Seeks, April 2021]

And, of course, you KNOW who has to have the last word on today's topic --

Friday 16 April 2021

Nap Time!

Yes, I've reached the age where
I often need a nap during the day in
order to function for my full
16 hours of daily consciousness.

It makes me feel old,
that's for sure.

I used to see my grandparents and, later, my parents
nodding off for a quick nap and think: 
"That will never happen to ME!"

I try not to nap too long, however.
Short naps are best and more refreshing.

The following is my HUSTLE mantra now, LOL!

I bet YOU enjoy a nice nap too, don't you?

Hey, I know the demographics of my readers, LOL!

Wednesday 14 April 2021

In Whose Image?

How Coptic Christians in Egypt depict Christ --

Should we also talk about gender
and sexual orientation?

Monday 12 April 2021

HRH's New Career

Hello to all my ardent fans, admirers 
and soon-to-be fee-paying clients!

It is I, Her Royal Highness the Cat
with an exciting announcement!

I have decided to offer my boundless
knowledge and unmatched experience 
to benefit the world by becoming a . . . 


After all, how hard can it be?

Here's a small sampling
of the type of excellent advice
you can receive only from me --

So sign up for my 
life coaching services 

You won't regret it!