Friday 29 May 2020

Stuff Around My Home -- Spare Change

I fully and freely admit that I am an old fogey
who accumulates spare change, rolls it and then
takes it to the bank for deposit into my account.

And I have My Own System™ for doing so.

Many years ago in a junk shop,
I found this hard plastic 
container with a lid.

It is, in fact, a nesting container
with two other containers inside it.

Judging from their laughably small size
by today's junk food serving sizes,
I'd estimate this set dates from the 1950s or 1960s.

As change accumulates, I separate it
into quarters, dimes and nickels in
the appropriate container.

About once a year (or two years if I'm lazy),
I roll the change and take it to the bank.
Usually there's 2 or 3 hundred
bucks worth by that point.

And not to brag or anything,
but I can roll change as fast as the wind!

If Canada had an Olympic Team for
Coin Rolling, I'd be on it.

My hotelier Grandma taught me the secrets
of speedy coin rolling when I was a kid. 
I used to help her roll all the change from 
the restaurant and beverage room cash registers.

While my vast wealth in spare change
accumulates over the year(s), I do,
of course, maintain a security system for it.

It is guarded by The Mighty Thor himself!

Here he is doing his duty on my bookshelf.

Captain America and the Winter Soldier
are supposed to be providing backup security,
but they don't seem to be all that reliable.

Hey slackers!
Get back to work!

Canoodle on your OWN time!

Wednesday 27 May 2020

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

And speaking of KFC --

Every chicken's dream --

Monday 25 May 2020

Our Wackadoodle World

And, finally, just a reminder that
human nature never changes --

Friday 22 May 2020

Stuff Around My Home -- Beverage Room Chair

In the corner of my bedroom, there is an old chair. The paint on its arms is worn and scarred, although the rest of the chair is in good condition. Like most bedroom chairs, it is not actually used for sitting on, as such. It serves instead as a place to pile my jeans, pyjama bottoms and the odd pair of shorts.

Where did I get this disreputable-looking chair?

It comes from the "Licensed Beverage Room" of The Queen's Hotel, an old country hotel in small town Saskatchewan outside of Regina.

[photo by Lawrence Hutchinson, 
taken in 1981, found here on Flickr ] 

The hotel was new in 1885, the year of the Riel Rebellion involving Native and Métis peoples, when Saskatchewan was not yet a province but simply a district in the North-West Territories. General Middleton, commander of the Canadian Militia sent from Eastern Canada to put down the Rebellion, billeted at the Queen's Hotel and made the town the marshalling point for his troops.

The Beverage Room was a later addition to the establishment, built in the 1930s. Under Saskatchewan liquor laws, a bar could not be a free-standing establishment. It had to be part of a hotel offering both a restaurant and sleeping quarters, so that total inebriates could eat, sleep and sober up, if need be, without driving anywhere.

During World War II, my maternal grandparents bought the Queen's Hotel and went into the hospitality business. My mother worked here in her youth. My parents' small wedding reception was at The Hotel. Although they subsequently moved to Manitoba (my father's home province), there was still a lot of traveling back and forth to The Hotel over the years. I spent a lot of time at The Hotel when I was a kid, right up into my early 20s.

[Beverage Room, Queen's Hotel, photo taken by 
Debra She Who Seeks, probably around 1980-ish?]

The Queen's Hotel is gone now, an empty lot all that remains. The hotel burned down in a 2003 fire that occurred about 15 years after my grandparents ceased owning the business.

When the family connection to The Hotel ended, my Mom took a couple of barroom chairs out of the Beverage Room as a keepsake. I don't know what happened to the other chair, but in due course I ended up with this one.

The Beverage Room was always the main moneymaker of the whole hotel operation. A lotta booze 'n beer were slung in that bar over the decades. How many drunken backsides have sat in that chair? Too many to count, I bet.

But now the chair leads a quiet, sober and sedate existence as my bedroom pants-piling spot. I wonder if it misses the old days?

Wednesday 20 May 2020


Recently, I saw this charming, happy photo
which Cynthia of Life in Merlin
posted on her blog.

And all of a sudden,
a realization struck me!

Googly eyes improve EVERYTHING!

       Like . . . 





Although, well, sometimes
those eyes CAN backfire . . . .


Book covers!

Otherwise scary dudes!

Even THIS doofus!

Legal Disclaimer
on the Advice of
my Attorneys -- 

This post does NOT condone the eyebombing 
of public statutes, art or library books 
because it may be Funny AF but it 
is still VANDALISM! It is
only legal to eyebomb your OWN 
possessions or photos!