Tuesday 31 January 2023

Grammar Police

When I first started surfing the 'net many years ago, I was appalled by all the rampant grammatical/spelling mistakes and typos. But you can't hold back the ocean with a broom, can you, so there's no point in being a pain in the ass about the situation. I don't take it upon myself to gratuitously point out those errors to people. Just "go with the flow" is my philosophy. Besides, I occasionally make an inadvertent grammatical/spelling mistake or typo in my own blog posts! (And before anyone takes me to task, the split infinitive in my third sentence can now, in our modern times, be accepted as proper colloquial English usage).

Thursday 26 January 2023

Yet We Still Get Spam and Bots -- Why?

And to conclude, here's
a captcha I would gladly do!

Tuesday 24 January 2023

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Bear

But not this cute little guy!

At least, not until he's bigger . . . .

Bottom line: 
beware of bears!

Don't be fooled by their disguises!

Or by their pleas for help.

And never wake them up from hibernation!

Sunday 22 January 2023

Happy Year of the Rabbit!

Today is the start of the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Rabbit (Hare)! So what can we expect the next 12 months to bring? According to Susan Levitt and Jean Tang in Taoist Astrology:

The year of the Hare is a time of peace, calm, leisure, and rest after the chaos of the previous Tiger year. People enjoy the arts, gourmet food, and luxuries. Money can be made easily, but it is spent easily. The Dragon year that follows will be a wild and exhausting time, so enjoy a Hare year as an opportunity for relaxation, pleasure, family gatherings, entertainment, and comfortable travel. Expect political compromise and diplomatic peacemaking on a global level.

Well, that sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

To encourage prosperity and abundance for the upcoming year, exchange a coin with another person while wishing them Gung Hey Fat Choy (Happy New Year)! Make sure each of you brings your own coin of equal value to give to one another -- don't just pass the same coin back and forth. You don't want prosperity to simply swirl or circle around -- you want it to come and stay with you!

Or how about making a Prosperity Bowl?

Thursday 19 January 2023

Thursday Art Date With Rain -- "Collage"

Before I retired to my current life of abundant free time and art lessons, I used to do collages whenever an artistic need struck me. I kept files of photos, illustrations and images cut out of magazines, books and other sources. My collages were done the old-fashioned way with scissors and glue. I could produce a collage in an hour or two every once in awhile.

My biggest collage project was this 2009 calendar made as a gift for those who attended the drumming circle which I facilitated at the time. Each month featured a collage illustrating one of our favourite songs/chants honouring the Divine Feminine. I did the 13 original collages (counting the front cover) over the course of the preceding year and then took them to my favourite copy shop to be printed in calendar form.

Here is a sample of three of the collages. Because it's hard to read the song/chant lyrics which the collages illustrate, I've typed them out for ease of reference following each photo.

We all come from the Goddess
And to Her we shall return,
Like a drop of rain,
Flowing to the ocean.

There is a secret one inside:
All the stars in all the galaxies
Run through Her hands like beads.

Goddess is alive --
Magic is afoot !!

Last year on a previous Thursday Art Date post, I featured another collage from this calendar honouring the goddess Yemaya -- click here to view that one if so desired.

Thank you, Rain Frances, for another wonderful prompt which gave me this chance to go down Memory Lane!

[Collage art © Debra She Who Seeks, 2009;
Photos of collage art © Debra She Who Seeks, 2023]

Tuesday 17 January 2023

Come GROAN With Me

Did you REALLY think
you would escape
in 2023?


Oh, and here's
because you