Saturday 26 December 2015

How to Spend Boxing Day

Okay, you know who you are. I'm not going to name names. Sure, the little holiday cat costumes are funny and seem like a good idea at the time. But do you REALLY understand the pain and suffering that you inflict on poor little Fluffykins? Time to make amends, you heartless bastards.

Thanks to Jeanne at The Land of Melting Shadows on whose blog I first saw this!

Well, everyone, I'm off to Manitoba now for a few days to spend some quality festive time with my mother and sister. See you in the new year!

Friday 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Did you know that 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of Queen's mega-hit Bohemian Rhapsody written by the incomparable Freddie Mercury?

Well, today on Christmas Day, I present for your listening pleasure the Bethlehemian Rhapsody! I think Handel's Messiah may now have to give up its claim to fame as the leading musical work about the life of Christ, not to mention Jesus Christ Superstar!

Thanks to Kay G at Georgia Girl With An English Heart on whose blog I first saw this charming video.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

Thursday 24 December 2015

Christmas Eve is Finally Here!

After all the shopping, wrapping and running around, it's finally time to kick off my shoes, relax at home, put on my comfy slippies and "happy pants," maybe play a few Christmas carols . . .

. . . and have a nice rum 'n eggnog or six.

But I won't make the same mistake as last year when I made homemade cookies for the Jolly Old Elf himself.

This year I'm just leaving out some store-bought ones for him. No more coal in MY stocking on Christmas morning!

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Xmas Funnies Blowout!

Here's all my leftover Xmas LOLs in one post! Some of them are swiped from fellow bloggers, so thanks for your generosity (you know who you are)! There's a good mix of light and dark here -- just like fruitcake! Enjoy!

Monday 21 December 2015

The Moon is Mother to the Sun

Today is the Winter Solstice, when pagans celebrate the return of the Light following the longest Night of the year. Artist, blogger and tarot guru Joanna Powell Colbert has created a wonderful new image to capture this ancient spiritual truth. Officially entitled Mother Night Who Gives Birth to the Child of Wonder at Winter Solstice, Joanna also calls this artwork by a much shorter title: Dark Madonna & Daughter.

Joanna describes the piece as "the archetypal Divine Child, born on Winter Solstice . . . [who] glow[s] like the reborn sun in the arms of the holy night." The title of my post comes from an equally perceptive description of the artwork by a 4-year old girl whom Joanna quotes in her December newsletter.

The 2015 Winter Solstice arrives in the northern hemisphere on Tuesday, December 22 at 04:49 UTC but time zone differences mean that it arrives here in Edmonton, Alberta today at 21:49 MST. So I'm celebrating now, although a lot of you will mark the occasion tomorrow instead.

To all who read my blog, may the blessings of the Mother and Daughter be yours on this Winter Solstice and throughout the upcoming year!

[Art © 2015 by Joanna Powell Colbert and used with her permission. Joanna's website and blog are here and her art prints may be purchased here.]

Saturday 19 December 2015


Friends of ours host a wonderful annual Christmas party to which My Rare One and I are going tonight. Among the many favourite party games we play each year, there is ALWAYS a Jenga Tournament.

Have you ever played Jenga? It requires a steady hand (or paw) . . .

. . . and a lot of patience, which not everyone has.

Don't let My Rare One see this invention or she'll be building one for her own use tonight!

This method of playing looks intriguing, doesn't it? Hmmm . . . .

My Rare One and I often played this version together at home, which we called "Jenga Garbage." How high can stuff be piled before SOMEONE (not me!) empties the garbage? Who will break down first?

But here's the best Jenga of all! Cats for EVERYBODY!

Wish me luck at the Jenga Tournament! I have been known to kick ass in the past.

Thursday 17 December 2015

The Nativity Story, Then and Now

Poor neglected Joseph NEVER got much attention, did he? He wasn't the star of the show by any stretch of the imagination, but he was still a good guy. You could always COUNT on Joseph.

Really, he was just like EVERY Dad on Christmas Eve, wasn't he? Trying to put impossible stuff together for his kid with instructions in some unknown language like Swedish or Chinese or Swahili --

Don't forget those three Wise Men too! Not many people know they were called that because of all their LAME WISECRACKS, just like those drunk uncles or uninvited cousins who always show up at our Christmas celebrations today --

And just like EVERY family gathering ever held, there were some relatives and guests engaged in activities which were best NOT talked about . . .

But still, everyone tried to get along because it was Christmas, after all. Even if perspectives differ WIDELY, the rule was and still is that there's NO FIGHTING, you guys!

THIS year, however, the world is such that we need to boil the Nativity Story down to its MOST BASIC ESSENCE . . .

. . . because it's VERY relevant to what's going on in TODAY'S world.

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Yay for Hipster Santa!

And for his Hipster Elf! It's about time they moved into the 21st century . . . .

But Canada is already a cutting edge leader in Santa makeovers! For the past couple of years, "Fashion Santa" has promoted the ritzy Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto. Santa is no longer a jolly old elf, kids -- now he's a silver fox with a chic wardrobe! And cheekbones!

Everyone wants their photo taken with this Santa! Even Mom and Dad!

Sunday 13 December 2015

Vintage Sankta Lucia

Today is the sacred day of Sankta Lucia, the Scandinavian Goddess of the Winter Solstice. Following the longest night of the year, She brings back the light of the sun, not only to illuminate the darkness, but to ensure human survival. Sankta Lucia's name means "Holy Light."

When Northern Europe was Christianized, the Goddess was transformed into a Saint, but Her Feast Day remained on the Winter Solstice and Her rituals continued unchanged.

However, when Renaissance Europe switched from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar, several days were lost in the conversion process and Lucia's Feast Day ended up being on December 13, where it has remained ever since.

A Scandinavian daughter wearing the Crown of Light greets her family at dawn on the Winter Solstice and serves them the bounty of the Goddess -- coffee and special yellow saffron buns which represent the returning light.

All the images in this post are classic vintage representations of Sankta Lucia from the early 20th century . . .

. . . except for this photo. I simply had to include it! Isn't she the most darling little Sankta Lucia you've ever seen?

[All images from the internet]

Friday 11 December 2015

Fugly Holiday Sweaters, Part 2

Yes, the LESBIGAY partygoers have FINALLY arrived! And my brothers and sisters are ready to parTAY, bitchez!

What happened to the IMPECCABLE taste that gay men are supposed to have?

You know, it's a GOOD THING our community RECLAIMED the words on these next few sweaters so we can now joke around with them --

RUM-SOAKED, no doubt?

HELL YEAH, a nice butch SWEATSHIRT for us gals!

Have YOU ever been told that you're as . . .

It's true that SOME uptight people see us THIS way . . .

. . . but REALLY we just want to wish EVERYBODY --

Hey, wait a minute. Shouldn't that be "OH MARY Christmas"?

Thursday 10 December 2015

Fugly Holiday Sweaters, Part 1

EVERYONE wants to throw a Fugly Holiday Sweater Party and I'm no different! But mine is going to be a virtual party -- much less work and expense that way, LOL! So let's see what partygoers are wearing, shall we?

Here's someone in an EVER-POPULAR copulating reindeers sweater! Oooo, it's the rare "threesome" edition too. Nice.

There's only ONE sweater CLASSIER than that --

I see there's some GAME OF THRONES fans here today --

The local neighbourhood CAT LADY is here as well -- although she wears this sweater EVERY day. And I want one too.

Let's get serious for a minute now, boys and girls. Don't forget the REASON FOR THE SEASON!

NO, OF COURSE I really meant the Birthday Boy! Although he looks kinda GRUMPY, doesn't he?

JEEZ Jeez, cheer up, willya? It's all DOWNHILL from here, buddy, so better enjoy things while you can. And hey, Holy Spirit, nice scarf!

YAY, my Jewish pals are here at the party too! They're busy celebrating HANUKKAH right now --

OY, I could use a G & T too!

Finally, let's give the last word to the guy from the MIXED marriage --

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for PART 2 of the party, when TEH GAYS finally deign to show up fashionably LATE, as always.