Wednesday 28 July 2010

Another short break

I'm off to Manitoba for a few days to visit my Mom in the nursing home. Because of my surgery and recuperation this Spring, I haven't seen her since Christmas -- seven months! I tried to think of any other time in my life when there was such a stretch of not visiting and I can't think of a single one. Amazing, considering that it covers a 53 year period!

I'll be back blogging in about a week or so. Ta ta for now!

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Goddess Gratitude Ritual

During my recent surgery and recuperation, I called on three Goddesses of Healing for help and protection. In order to thank Them properly for Their assistance, I performed a little gratitude ritual on the Summer Solstice.

On that beautiful summer evening, I placed a statue of each Goddess outside on our patio table. A glass containing an appropriate sacred drink was set before each Goddess. After smudging, I thanked each Goddess in turn, drank some of Her sacred drink and then poured the rest onto the earth as a libation for Her.

To honour and thank Sekhmet, the ferocious Egyptian Goddess of Destruction and Healing, I used a libation of beer. This seemed appropriate since, according to myth, a lake of beer disguised as blood is what once stopped one of Her destructive rampages by getting Her completely pie-eyed. Beer has been sacred to Her ever since.

To honour and thank Hygeia, Greek Goddess of Healing and Protectress against Infection, I used a libation of white wine. I had been fearful of catching an infection in hospital and, indeed, my first roomie developed C. difficile and had to be isolated as a result. But Hygeia came through for me and I remained infection free! [Image of Hygeia by Gustav Klimt]

To honour and thank Brigid, Celtic Goddess of Healing, I used a libation of whisky -- the sacred water of life. I wasn't able to find a tiny bottle of real Irish whisky in the liquor store, so I trusted that Canadian rye whisky would do! [Image of Brigid by Lunaea Weatherstone]

And yes, I was a little tipsy afterwards. I hardly ever drink, so it doesn't take much booze to get me all giggly (take note, those of you looking for a cheap date, ha ha!)

Monday 26 July 2010

Yay Argentina!

Number 10 has now arrived to join the list of countries which have legislated same-sex civil marriage equality and it is -- Argentina! Yet another traditionally Catholic country that has defied the Vatican -- love it! Pictured above is Argentina's first married gay couple.

To recap (for those of you who like to keep track) the 10 countries are: Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland and Argentina.

Who will be No. 11?

Friday 23 July 2010

Batching It

As mentioned yesterday, Her Royal Highness and I are batching it until the end of the month. We've divided all the household tasks between us. Unfortunately, HRH drew the short straw to do the cooking . . . .

Actually, HRH's offerings are not that bad. Tonight it's Mouse à l'Orange. Yum!

Thursday 22 July 2010

Turn and Burn, Girls!

My Rare One and the Cowgirl Niece drove right to Manitoba from Calgary. My Rare One is going to drive the truck and horse trailer around to various small town fairs and gymkhanas in Manitoba and Saskatchewan so the Cowgirl Niece and her horse can compete in barrel racing.

So until the end of July, Her Royal Highness and I are batching it. More on that tomorrow!

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Country Classics

Needless to say, we were surrounded by country music at the Stampede. Luckily though, we didn't have to listen to the five least popular country albums, as reported by the Calgary Sun:

1. I Ain't Drunk, Just Pukin by Cooter.

2. Hickey on My Tattoo by Spanklin Brothers.

3. Drunk Tank Lovin' by The Double-Wide Dandys.

4. 10 Gallon Toupee by Tim McGraw.

5. Paintin' Up and Puttin' Out by Taylor Fast.

And that's why country music is Music for the Ages. Just like Mozart.

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Stampede Events

Okay, okay, HRH, keep yer fur on! Here's a few of the events we saw at the Stampede. First of all, barrel racing. Look at the lean on that horse!

Bull riders must be a special kind of crazy, I think. It's so dangerous -- talk about an extreme sport!

Lots of the bronc riders stayed on for the full 8 seconds. Not this poor bastard though.

I'm including this photo for all you straight women and gay men out there who might appreciate seeing some cute cowboy ass.

The track for the chuckwagon races was sloppy and muddy the evening we attended. Didn't seem to slow things down though.

It all reminded me of that old Ian Tyson song about Calgary's legendary chuckwagon racers --

Feel the horses getting crazy,
Feel the burning in their soul,
When the sun goes down in Calgary
And the wagons start to roll.
Hear the thunder of the hoofbeats,
It's a sound they know so well
As they cast their fate to the figure eight
And the half a mile of hell.

I'm sure you've figured out by now that I didn't take these photos myself -- no, they're the professional work of Calgary Herald photographers Lorraine Hjalte, Gavin Young, Dean Bicknell and Leah Hennel.

Monday 19 July 2010


We're back from our hijinks! Wearing our best faded jeans and cowboy hats, my Rare One and I attended the opening weekend of the Calgary Stampede. Ya-HOO! We brought along the Cowgirl Niece from Manitoba so she could take inspiration from the rodeo circuit's greatest barrel racers.

Let me tell you, buckaroos, over the course of two days we did it ALL -- pancake breakfast, Stampede Parade, rodeo events (broncs, bulls, calves, barrel racing, wild pony chase and chuckwagon races), Grandstand Show and fireworks. We only skipped the bars and the midway. Figured we didn't really need to get drunk and puke after some crazy ride (although apparently for many that's the real charm of a full Stampede experience).

Friday 2 July 2010

Like the Sign Says . . .

I'm taking a wee break from blogging for a couple of weeks . . . my Rare One and I have company coming to visit plus various hijinks to get up to over the next little while . . . so see you again in mid-July!

Thursday 1 July 2010

Happy Canada Day!

We Canadians are a hardworking and industrious people much like our national symbol, the Beaver. But we know how to let loose and have fun too. You better believe it!

Skiing is always popular in Canada. And we don't let summer or geography stop us either. Even if the prairies are as flat as a pancake, we know how to put all that grain to good use --

And if we can do winter sports in summer, then why can't we do summer sports in winter? Canadians don't need tropical weather or barrier reefs in order to enjoy snorkeling --

But on Canada Day, our national holiday, we don't exert ourselves doing sports. No, we like nothing better than to just relax on July 1st, get back to nature and barbecue some lovely grub over an open fire . . .

. . . and add to our Molson Muscles by enjoying a nice two-four of barley sandwiches.