Friday 30 June 2023

Pride Demons, Unite!

The very latest slur that haters have devised
for the LGBTQ+ community
is "DEMON" based on
this particular bit of what passes
for cleverness among them --

Is that the BEST
they've got?


It didn't take long, of course,
for our mocking retorts 
to come rolling in --

A queer trans artist
immediately reclaimed the slur
in classic LGBTQ+ fashion --

How about some
theological counterpoints
to specifically offset the slur's
anti-trans agenda?

And here's my favourite
response so far!
(from a Tumblr blogger/artist)

DID YOU KNOW? A group of Pride demons is called a Parade!

So as this year's
comes to an end,
thanks for celebrating with me!

And don't lose heart
in an increasingly hostile
environment . . .

Saturday 24 June 2023

"We'll Have A Gay Old Time!"

If it's June,
it must mean

And don't forget the

Now, boys, go sharpen your bitchy, sarcastic wit
so you'll be worthy of the name --