Wednesday 26 August 2020

Fix Your Life!

Hello, my dear fans and faithful acolytes,
Her Royal Highness the Cat
here once again at your service.

Say, are you having
"one of those days"
or even
"one of those lives?"

Do not despair!
I'm here to help!

So it's a damn good thing that
I can type and post memes, isn't it!

Otherwise, you would never benefit
from my wisdom and expert advice
about how to fix your life.

Read and learn!

Just follow my easy guidelines
and I guarantee you that
in no time flat
your life will be as 
as mine!

Well, kiss kiss and toodle-oo,
I must be off -- I'm late for the spa!

Time for a well-deserved
nap in the sun and a nice massage,
which I've more than earned due to all my
hard work giving advice today.

Later, bitchez!

Oh yeah, baby, that's good!

Wednesday 19 August 2020

Haven't Done a Tattoo Post For Awhile

Her Royal Highness prefers these
next three tattoos, however . . . .

Be careful, kids!
That first tat is addictive!

And don't overdo it with the tats,
because laser tattoo removal is expensive.

But apparently, it can work miracles!

If you insist on another tattoo, though,
here's how to pick one!

Wednesday 12 August 2020

Edmonton's Avengers Jeep

How awesome is this, LOL?
I want this vehicle!

And the guy who owns it lives
right here in my city!

How hard could it be to track him down
and make him an offer he can't refuse?

Oh dear, that sounds threatening, LOL.

Wednesday 5 August 2020

Running Off With The Unicorns

Yes, I know I said I'd be back to
regularly-scheduled blogging in August.

But I'm not ready to end
my blogging break yet!

So I'm running off with the unicorns
for another month!

This is how I'll be safely spending
my time here at home --

➤ Drinking more coffee.

➤ Eating healthy, nutritious meals.

➤ Baking more goodies.

(Speaking of baking, this is where 
sprinkles come from, you know.)

➤ Watching more TV.

➤ Continuing to read more actual books!

➤ Enjoying summer's sunshine and warmth!

(Thanks, Mitchell of Moving With Mitchell,
for letting me use your fab photo!)

➤ Basking in glorious sunsets while
sitting on my balcony.

(Yes, I know that technically this isn't
a unicorn cut-out, but it SHOULD BE!)

No need to fear for me,
or wonder where I am,
or what I'm doing,
or put up "Lost" posters to find me . . . .

HRH and I 
will be 
just fine!

But I intend to pop back in 
every Wednesday or so
with a new post just to 
keep from getting rusty!