Thursday 17 August 2017

The Things I Do For You People

Hello, everyone -- Her Royal Highness the Cat here.

Because I was pressed into service against my will as a guest blogger on this crappy blog, I was forced to leave my comfy existence in the happy Afterlife and come back to your miserable world again.

And you know what? The friggin' police have looooooooong memories. Yes, those bastards were here to greet me as soon as I crossed The Veil.

Our reunion did not go well.

So, okay, perhaps a wild 'n crazy police chase did kind of ensue.

The SWAT Team caught up with me later, though, at my human's place.

They were very unreasonable about the whole situation.

And my rights were denied! As usual!

Plus I was railroaded in court by false and malicious testimony!

But don't worry, no jail cell can hold me for long!

I'll be back to do some more blogging soon, you lucky people!

Tuesday 1 August 2017

Short(ish) Blogging Break

Hi everyone -- just to let you know, I'm taking a BLOGGING BREAK in August and September. Got places to go, people to see, things to do -- including a road trip across the prairies to see my sister and my Mom.

But I've lined up a GUEST BLOGGER who promises to write two or three posts while I'm away. WHO could it be?

YES, THAT'S RIGHT! My dearly departed cat, Her Royal Highness, will be coming back again from The Great Beyond to pound out a few of her thoughts on the ol' laptop.

As long-time readers know, however, she's NOT the most reliable cat in the world, so we'll see if she ACTUALLY carries through on her promise.

In any event, I'll see you all again in October! CHEERIO and PIP PIP!