Thursday 30 May 2019

What Time Is It? Why, It's . . .

And who doesn't love snacks?

Don't forget the snack containers!

And if it's funny once, why not twice?

But don't hog all the goodies for yourself, eh?

Want a chocolate mint wafer, you rebel?

Be sure to keep your bifocals current . . . . 

Bring some elegance to your snacking style!

I think this counts as a healthy snack.

And finally, show some class by serving a few literary snacks --

Be careful out there, everyone!

Tuesday 28 May 2019

My Artwork from "Drawing for Beginners"

So here are some of my drawings from the art course I recently finished at Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association (ELLA). They are posted in order from the initial class until the final one.

First, we were taught how to keep a portrait in proper perspective using measurements (based on the size of the subject's eye) and strategically placed guidelines. This is my mapped-out rendition of Denzel Washington, in case it is not immediately apparent who it is, LOL --

Then we were taught how to shade a portrait using graphite powder, graphite pencils and various erasers for highlighting. My apologies to Bono, who I believe in real life actually has ears --

I quite like this little African girl which we also did in graphite powder, pencil and eraser, but alas! Her one wonky, off-kilter eye shows that my measuring sucked. D'oh!

I had better luck with this dog, done in the next technique we learned of using charcoal pencil together with charcoal powder made from grating a charcoal stick.

This elephant was done in white charcoal powder and white charcoal pencil on black paper. It turned out much better than I thought it would when I started. But again my measurements were off and I made the image too big on the paper. As a consequence, I had no room to put the baby elephant's face that was supposed to be down by mama's trunk. Math has never been my strong suit. Forgive me, Baby Dumbo.

This zebra has what seemed at the time to be a gazillion layers of graphite pencil applied to it. My right arm was sore the next day from all that exertion.

We did this portrait on the last day of class to learn how to use sanguine conté crayon (grated to a powder) together with sanguine conté pencil. Since time was short, screw measuring -- I just drew the giraffe freehand. This has turned out to be one of my favourites! I love the look and warmth of the reddish conté on the cream coloured paper.

We obviously had a very good teacher for this class -- a talented young Edmonton artist named Suzanne Lamoureux. I am currently taking another class from her -- "Sketching in Pen and Ink" -- at the art school where she teaches. So I may have some more artwork to post in a while.

Thanks to My Rare One who let me use a bunch of her art supplies for the ELLA course and who also took the photos of my drawings for this post! *smooch*

Thursday 23 May 2019

BAD. Bad to the Bone.

It took me nearly 62 years but I have FINALLY DONE IT! Yes, I have joined the ranks of BAD REBELLIOUS KIDS at last. HOW, you ask?

You may remember that I was taking two lecture classes at ELLA (Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association) -- "Maps & Cartography" and "Jesus and Buddha: Historical Origins."

Well, I ditched them.

That's right.

You heard me.

DITCHED THEM! In the second week. I just quit going.

I tried but I simply could NOT get into passive lecture-listening mode. It took more willpower than I possess to sit there day after day. Sorry to disappoint those of you who were looking forward to hearing about those courses, but I NEED TO BE FREE, MAN!

The only class I continued with to completion was "Drawing for Beginners" because I TRULY ENJOYED it. That one class was more than enough for me.

Sorry to let you down, Captain America. Can I punch TWO Nazis to make up for it?

Stay tuned, everyone, I hope to post some of my ARTWORK early next week! That'll be a treat, I tells ya.