Friday 30 June 2017

Thanks, It's Been a Slice!

Well, that's it for another edition of:


THANKS TO EVERYONE for your witty, touching and perceptive comments and insights all month long! It was a pleasure to read them, as always. So, go on -- help yourself to a BIG slice of yummy rainbow cake as my thanks to you! It's NOT as many calories as you might think, HONEST!


Oh c'mon then -- at least have a CUPCAKE! You can walk THAT off later, EASY.


REALLY, I don't know WHO you think you're kidding with all that "Oh no, no, no, I couldn't POSSIBLY" nonsense.

Look. I'll lay it on the line. My spies are EVERYWHERE and tell me EVERYTHING. So all I've got to say is . . . .

Wednesday 28 June 2017

Who DOESN'T Love Drag Queens?


And what BETTER way to celebrate fierce queens than with this video of my fave Ginger Minj's barnburner rendition of "I Am What I Am" from the musical La Cage Aux Folles? No lip syncing here, that's her real voice! Filmed at the 2016 Trailblazer Honors Gala, this was performed in tribute to Harvey Fierstein (seen in various tearful reaction shots throughout the video). He starred in the original Broadway production of that musical and is one of our community's most enduring stars and activists.

Great rainbow flag motif too from the combined colours of the queens' dresses -- Ginger Minj (red), Alyssa Edwards (yellow), Alaska Thunderfuck (blue), Phi Phi O'Hara (green) and Tatianna (purple).

But wait, there's more! . . . Introducing the latest American drag sensation . . .

Monday 26 June 2017

"See You At The Club!"

That's what my lesbigay pals and I always used to say to each other back in the day if there was a nearby straight person even remotely within earshot. But what we REALLY meant, of course, was . . . .

Today, with the rise of the internet, online dating sites and e-hookups, gay bars are no longer in their heyday. But some still do exist and the bigger ones manage to stay in business.

And I haven't seen or even heard of an exclusively lesbian bar ANYWHERE in about 25 years. Those exist now only in our fading memories!

At one time, of course, gay and lesbian bars were the ONLY safe spaces that existed for LGBT+ people to be freely and openly ourselves. Their decline in recent years is, in fact, a measure of the success of the Pride movement because now people can safely be open in many places in our society.

But hey, now it's AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION TIME! Confess ALL in the comments below! And c'mon, I know a lot of you straight people have been to our bars too -- yes, yes, JUST to see a drag show, I know -- SO YOU 'FESS UP TOO!

The first gay or lesbian bar I ever went to was MS PURDY'S in WINNIPEG. It operated from about 1985 to 1995 or so, if memory serves me correctly. As I described it once before on my blog --

It wasn't quite as seedy inside as it looked from the outside, LOL! Ms Purdy's was a small place but managed to pack in a pool table, a good-sized stand-up bar, about a dozen tables and chairs and a small mirrored dance floor. Its windows were, of course, unbreakable one-way glass so we could see out but no one on the street could see in. The front door led into a security foyer where you'd first have to run the gauntlet of a couple of big dyke bouncers before being allowed into the bar itself. The purpose of that was to keep out gaybashers, religious nuts seeking to condemn us and/or save our souls, irate husbands/boyfriends looking for their AWOL wives/girlfriends, and men of all descriptions.

[Photo © Debra She Who Seeks, 1990]

Ah, GOOD TIMES! Now I want to hear about YOURS!

Saturday 24 June 2017

Let's Hear It For Bi Pride!

Bisexuals just can't catch a break, can they? Everybody misunderstands them! Straights and gays often both labour under exactly the same sorts of misinformed opinions about bisexuality, such as . . .

Aren't bisexuals just confused? Do they not know whether they're gay or straight? Why don't they just pick a side? Or are they playing both sides of the fence?

Isn't it hard to be straight and gay at the same time?

Or is something else going on?

But even bilingual people can't catch a break!

Bisexuality is its own valid and unique sexual orientation which is not straight, gay or a mixture of the two.

Bi people don't turn straight when they're with an opposite-sex partner. They don't turn gay when they're with a same-sex partner. Bi people are always bisexual, whether they're in or out of a relationship.

Personally, I believe that if people were simply left to their own devices, free of cultural and religious attempts to control and enslave human sexuality, most people would quite naturally be bisexual to some degree or another. I think the two endpoints on the Kinsey Scale -- exclusive heterosexuality and exclusive homosexuality -- would be the minority sexual orientations. The majority sexual orientation would be bisexuality.

Even in today's society, as those cultural and religious constraints weaken, we are seeing a dramatic increase in open bisexuality. YAY! Human freedom is a beautiful thing!

Thursday 22 June 2017

Protesters, Goddess Bless 'Em

The best way to deal with protestors is to subvert them and their hateful messages with humour. I have seen it done at many Pride Parades over the years. This tactic is much more effective than anger, which simply feeds and justifies the protestors' self-righteousness. Being greeted with good-natured laughter and treated as photo-ops for celebratory queers to pose in front of confuses protestors tremendously. They often don't bother returning the next year (at least in Canada).

Here's a selection of classic signs that subvert hate --

And we have our own queer-positive Christians, thank you very much!

May all the queer-negative religious types wake up one day and realize the awful truth!

Tuesday 20 June 2017

Oh No! It's The . . .

Well, you know, we ARE a pretty scary bunch . . . .

What haters really fear, though, is that we don't even NEED to go door-to-door!

But the TRUTH is --

So what EXACTLY is listed in this so-called Gay Agenda? I just happen to have MY COPY handy. Let's peek inside, shall we?

This is our latest BIG project --

YES, we're dedicated to Saving the World but we still want to get our BEAUTY SLEEP too!

Achieving the Gay Agenda takes a LOT of energy! It's worth it, though.

And please note that, while the Gay Agenda is the BASIC template, other groups within the LGBT+ community have their OWN variations . . . .