Saturday 27 April 2024

Thursday 25 April 2024

Ready for the Playoffs

On the weekend, I schlepped down to the Oilers Official Team Store at ICE District Plaza beside Rogers Place arena and paid an absolute fortune for a new lucky t-shirt (pictured above) so I can spur on the Oilers to VICTORY in this year's Stanley Cup playoffs. I will wear it while watching their games on TV. The Oilers are currently playing the Los Angeles Kings in round one.

For good measure, I also bought an Oilers Pride t-shirt. The image on the front is a big oil drop in the Pride Flag colours. On the right sleeve there is a small team logo also in the Pride Flag colours. Personally, I would prefer to see those two images swap positions on the t-shirt but alas, the designers did not consult me in advance.


Tuesday 23 April 2024

It's "Shakespeare Day" Today!

April 23 is believed by many scholars to have been both
Shakespeare's date of birth in 1564 and his date of death in 1616.

That is why on today's date the world celebrates the Bard of Avon!

The rest of this post pays tribute to his play Macbeth
(often referred to by actors, for superstitious reasons,
 as "the Scottish Play" or "Mackers") --

Monday 22 April 2024

Sunday 21 April 2024

April Full Moon Altar: Gaia

Since Earth Day is tomorrow, this month's full moon altar honours Great Goddess Gaia, the deified personification of our planet Earth. Although Gaia's ancient mythology originated in Greece, her imagery and significance have seen a huge resurgence in the 20th and 21st centuries as a central symbol of modern environmentalism, the green movement and green politics.

The statue at the centre of the altar is a reproduction of "The Millennial Gaia" created in 1998 by Oberon Zell, a major figure in modern Neopaganism. It's a very well known statue and is widely available on the internet. I purchased mine about a year ago in a local Edmonton spirituality store.

Heavily pregnant Mother Earth Gaia births, nourishes and sustains all life on this planet. Without her, we are nothing. Her green foliage-hair showcases the evolutionary history of all life on land, while her green tattooed legs depict the evolution of life in the oceans. Mighty redwood and rainforest tattoes cover her arms. Her right breast is a cornucopia of plenty and her left breast is the moon. She has the Buddha's contemplative smile and meditative pose. 

I surrounded Gaia on the altar with symbols of her four seasons -- vegetable seed packets for Spring, a sunflower candle for Summer . . .

. . . oak leaves and acorns for Autumn, and a sparkling snowflake swirl for Winter.

[Photos © Debra She Who Seeks, 2024]

Friday 19 April 2024


But . . . but . . . my buddy Jesus
laughs at these as much as anyone!