Thursday 31 January 2019

Let's End January on a Classy Note

I have a FAVOURITE NEW SONG, thanks to Magaly of Magaly Guerrero who sent me this awesome video! Why it was recorded in a menswear shop, I have no idea -- but ENJOY!

And now, in keeping with the theme, here's every FUCKITY-FUCK-FUCK MEME in my meme stash. No, NO need to thank me! Your reading enjoyment is fucking thanks enough.

That's All, Folks!
See You in February!

Tuesday 29 January 2019

Hollywood's Next Blockbuster!

Hello, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS the cat here.

Just dropping by to tell you all about my NEW CAREER! With the success of the #MEOWTOO movement in Hollywood, CATS are FINALLY being given an EQUAL CHANCE. And so, I've now achieved my DREAM of becoming a powerful MOVIE MOGUL!

And you lucky humans are the FIRST to get this special SNEAK PEEK at my forthcoming BLOCKBUSTER movie! Yes, it's a REMAKE of an older movie, but now it's SO MUCH BETTER!

This next ACTION SHOT just brings TEARS to my eyes. Isn't EVERYTHING improved with cats? Yes, yes it is. And this PROVES it.

[Thanks to Leeanna of Can We Have a New Witch Ours Melted for suggesting the subject-matter of this post! And thanks to Magaly of Magaly Guerrero for providing the gif of HRH!]

Friday 25 January 2019

Get Ready to Groan, Part 2

After Wednesday's post ended on such an EXPLICITLY SEXUAL note, I'd better RAISE THE TONE of this series today with some good, clean SPIRITUAL and other CLASSY puns and word play!

Okay, enough of that. BACK TO BAD LANGUAGE AND DOUBLE ENTENDRES! And NO ending on an apologetic note this time!

And I must give a SHOUT-OUT OF APPRECIATION to Jackiesue of Yellowdog Granny -- those last three (and a few others) all came from her blog. She loves outrageous puns and word play even MORE than I do! I steal A LOT from her!

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Get Ready to Groan, Part 1

Well, it's time again to do ANOTHER post featuring outrageous PUNS and atrocious WORD PLAY! Actually, I have enough for TWO posts -- there'll be a second one on Friday. You're welcome!

Oh, you thought that last one was in POOR TASTE? Well, hang on to your hats! This next one is dedicated to Rawknrobyn of Life by Chocolate: Robyn Alana Engel's Blog because she is THE QUEEN of Erotic Double Entendre Holiday Poetry!

And as always with these word play posts, I must end on an APOLOGETIC note --

Monday 21 January 2019

DIY Infinity Gauntlet

Who WOULDN'T want the Power of the Universe at their personal beck and call by possessing the Infinity Gauntlet? Well, now YOU TOO can have one! And there's NO NEED to run around the universe collecting all those pesky Infinity Stones -- Do-It-Yourself Infinity Gauntlets are the LATEST RAGE!

You can go the MINIMALIST route --

This next one will cost you less than 5 BUCKS!

How about this model? You're not using that OVEN MITT anyway.

BALLOONS, anyone?

Put your kids' LEGO to good use!

Mmmmm, how about a nice CAKE?
Then you could have the Power of the Universe INSIDE YOU!

Personally, I'm going to TRADE IN
my purple knitted fingerless gloves . . . 

. . . for THIS BABY!

Bwahahaha! FEAR ME.