Wednesday 29 September 2021


Hey, remember that stupid advice from years ago about how women should greet their husbands at the door wearing only cling wrap and holding a martini?  Well, recently I've had occasion to wrap a certain body part in cling wrap and you know what? It's not all that titillating. 

About a month ago, I had surgery on my leg to remove some (very early stage) skin cancer. The dermatologist stitched me up in a rather gruesome fashion reminiscent of these other famous examples of his handiwork --

Anyway, I am not supposed to get either the wound or its bandaging wet so when I have a shower, I must wrap my leg in cling wrap and secure it at the top with waterproof tape. Even now that the stitches have been removed, the wound is slow to heal completely and I must continue to baby it in this way.

Should I mark this photo NSFW?

NO sexual propositions or marriage proposals PLEASE.

Monday 27 September 2021

The Gnome Has A Name!

Remember this little guy who needed a name? My sister enjoyed all your suggestions posted in the comments, especially "Conehead the Barberless" and "Ima Gnome." But she remained undecided.

So before choosing a moniker, my sister focused instead on what her gnome's job should be around her abode. As you know, gnomes must have an important "official household task" to perform in order to keep them busy, so they won't simply run amok making mischief. 

My sister informed me that, unlike MY gnome, HER gnome won't just be "guarding any old throw pillows," but will be a valued assistant in her favourite hobby -- solving crossword puzzles, code breaking games, and armchair detective challenges.

As soon as she decided on the gnome's job, the perfect name came to her! My sister is a big fan of the Belgian TV series Professor T (Professor Teerlinck) broadcast on PBS. "The ORIGINAL series, not that crappy British remake," she advises. "That's a VERY PALE IMITATION." I watched the British version (also on PBS) and, you know, it is a perfectly fine and entertaining series. In that one, Professor T is renamed Professor Tempest. 

Are any of you watching Professor T (original or remake)? Here's a short intro to the Belgian series --

And just to be fair and even-handed, here's a promo for the British remake --

My sister's gnome will need great brilliance and detective skills to perform his job, so my sister has named him after her beloved Professor T. Say hello to --

Teerlinck the Tenacious!

Friday 24 September 2021

Bye Bye Robes

In all my years of writing this blog, I have never revealed my profession but now that I'm retired and well out of the work force, I can confess admit say that I was a lawyer for nearly four decades.

In Canada, the legal profession follows the British tradition of wearing barristers' robes when conducting matters in a superior court (but not in a lesser court or before an administrative tribunal). Luckily, the British practice of wearing those godawful white horsehair wigs was phased out in Canada eons before I became a lawyer.

Custom-fitted barristers' robes are an expensive proposition, whether 40 years ago or today. Buying them can be a real financial hardship for young lawyers, especially those of us who worked our way through law school and came out burdened with maximum student loans. So when I was called to the Manitoba Bar at the beginning of my career, my family pooled their resources and generously purchased robes for me as a gift. Here I am on the day of my Call, wearing brand-spanking-new robes --

My robes got a fair amount of use while I was in private practice but once I switched to a legal policy and legislative practice, no courtroom work was required so my robes were sidelined. Midway through my career, however, I moved to Edmonton and was called to the Alberta Bar as well. Once again my robes were needed for the courtroom ceremony. I'm pleased to say that everything still fit!

But when I retired, I faced a dilemma. What should I do with my robes? It's not like I could just put them on kijiji or drop them off at Goodwill! Luckily, news came just then from the Law Society of Alberta that a Crown Prosecutor had started a "Robes Bank" at the Edmonton and Calgary courthouses so that young lawyers, or lawyers who only occasionally appeared in court, could temporarily borrow a set of donated robes as needed and avoid the expense of buying their own. What a terrific (and long-overdue) idea!

So my robes, still in darn good condition despite their age, got bundled into a garment bag and donated to the Edmonton Robes Bank. I'm very pleased with that outcome.

Here's my last view of my faithful robes.

Going . . . 

Going . . .


I hope they serve other lawyers well in the years to come.

Wednesday 22 September 2021

Duck, Duck, Goose

Continuing my inexplicable fascination with poultry,
these LOLs concern ducks and geese this time
instead of chickens --

Oh, thought I couldn't work 
superheroes into this post? 

Think again!

That's right -- it's
S-S-S-S-S-Steve and Ducky!

Monday 20 September 2021

September Full Moon Altar: Corn Mother

This month's full moon altar honours a First Nations representation of the Divine Feminine, Corn Mother. She is one of the Three Sisters -- corn, beans and squash -- which were the historical staples of indigenous agriculture in all the Americas. Corn Mother embodies the Earth which nourishes, feeds and sustains us all.

Now is the time for Fall Harvest Festivals, including the pagan sabbat of Mabon on the Autumn Equinox in a couple of days and Canadian Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks. Therefore, Corn Mother stands among seasonal harvest riches laid out on a Sacred Spiral of Life altar cloth.

I bought this reproduction of a sculpture by Mohawk artist and musician, Thomas B. Maracle, nearly 20 years ago in the Royal Alberta Museum gift shop here in Edmonton. I fell in love with her immediately! I can't remember now where I got the little beaded feather bracelet but I think the perfect place for it is to adorn Corn Mother!

[Photos © Debra She Who Seeks, September 2021]

Sunday 19 September 2021

Happy Blogoversary!

Today is the 13th Blogoversary of She Who Seeks blog!

Yes, my blog has hit its teenage years!

Oh oh, should I be worried?

Will my blog now become 
moody, surly, rebellious
and all of a sudden be
disinterested in school? 

Do I have to worry about my blog 
taking up smoking, doing drugs,  
or (*gasp*) engaging in 
sexual experimentation? 

And OMG -- will my blog have 
to deal with acne?

No, no, wait . . . 
(*phew*) I've got this!
I'll be okay! I'll be fine!

After all, I've had lots of
experience coping with
bad behaviour . . . .

I've been dealing with
Her Royal Highness the Cat
and her high maintenance nonsense
for what seems like FOREVER!

A teenaged blog will be a
walk in the park by comparison!

Friday 17 September 2021

Action Figure Action!

So . . . I splurged on a few Marvel 
action figures over the summer.
How could I resist 
World War II Captain America 
and Agent Peggy Carter? 


And because I enjoyed the recent Disney+ series 
"The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" so much, 
I also bought Baron Helmut Zemo 
and a rather pissed-off Winter Soldier

(Zemo is holding the Soviet Red Book
containing the code words which turn 
Bucky Barnes into the Winter Soldier). 

And look what my sister 
gave me for my birthday! 


Captain America Sam Wilson 
in all his winged glory!

She said it was the most money
she'd ever paid for eight inches of plastic
that didn't also run on batteries and vibrate.

[Photos © Debra She Who Seeks, September 2021]

Wednesday 15 September 2021

All Together Now -- Awwwww!

Okay, that's enough of this.
The drugs are starting to wear off now.
Back to reality!

Monday 13 September 2021

Regina, the Queen City

Last month, I attended an uncle's funeral in Regina, Saskatchewan. When I was a kid, I spent a fair amount of time in Regina due to having many relatives living in and around the city, so I consider Regina part of my old stomping grounds.

It's fashionable nowadays in certain quarters to make fun of Regina, but that city takes great pride in staying true to its prairie location and history. I admire that. And Regina has made real strides in the past few years to become a more attractive and urbane city, while still remaining a very down-to-earth kind of place. 

For example, you gotta love a place where the local pro football team's mascot is a gopher, fer gawd's sake! Meet Gainer the Gopher of the Saskatchewan Roughriders --

Its junior pro hockey team, the Regina Pats, is the oldest such hockey franchise in the world. The team was named for Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, the armed forces regiment based in the prairie provinces. (That's the regiment my father served with in World War II.)

On the national scene, Regina is perhaps best known for its police academy, the RCMP Depot Division, where all Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers have been trained since 1885.

While I was in Regina, I spotted a lovely floral and topiary display near the provincial legislature grounds. True to Regina's no-nonsense sensibilities, the topiary was not of some mythological fantasy creature or hoity-toity classical form, but instead celebrated that most humble and ubiquitous presence of rural prairie life, the grasshopper --

[Photo © Debra She Who Seeks, August 2021]

I dedicate this post to my blogging buddy, The Blog Fodder, a retired agricultural consultant who was born, raised and spent his career in Saskatchewan, but who now lives and writes in Ukraine with his wife Tanya. As he once wryly noted in an early post, Tanya is "the only woman in Ukraine who doesn't want to emigrate to Canada," so he moved there instead. He recently spent a couple of years back in Regina undergoing some serious medical treatment, but all is well now and he's back home in Ukraine. His blog is definitely worth checking out!