Friday 31 December 2021

Fast Away the Old Year Passes

New Year's Eve has never been a favourite holiday of mine. I find it to be a time of melancholy and forced cheer. I'm just as happy to skip it.

Looking forward to next year?

Jeez, I'm a real Little Miss Sunshine today aren't I?

Monday 27 December 2021

It's a Yuletide/Festivus/Christmas MIRACLE!

You'll NEVER believe what happened!

My gnomes
Fearsome the Fierce 
and Hengist the Hairy
have had a BABY! 

The baby arrived the morning
of December 25, so
make of that what you will.

And here he is!

Say hello to:

Wulfbane the Wee!

Because he is just a baby,
Wulfbane has not been assigned
any official duties.

His parents will keep him
occupied and out of trouble.

Or . . . 
WILL they?

Man, my Big Basket of Cushions
is getting CROWDED!

[Photos © Debra She Who Seeks, December 2021]

Saturday 25 December 2021

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

This celebration calls for

Baby Jesus is so SWEET!


The Bible doesn't really GO INTO IT,
but Baby Jesus was actally kind of
a HANDFUL as a kid.



Thursday 23 December 2021

The Target Dress Challenge

Target came in for a lot of ridicule last year 
when it inexplicably carried a line of these
old timey, gawdawful dresses in its stores. 

But predictably, the internet rose to the occasion 
with true "Little House on the Prairie" resourcefulness!

Here are some of my
favourite photos from the resulting
"Target Dress Challenge!"

To hell with outdated gender norms!

Chickens are this year's 
popular fashion accessory!

I think I know what's for supper tonight.

Time to shovel manure again? 
The woman on the end 
is clearly getting into it, LOL!

Build us a log cabin, Ma!

Always remember to 
take joy in life and friends!

Oh, such a saucy milkmaid!

This next one is my personal fave!

Don't mess with Bunny Girl.
She'll cut a bitch!


Now that's my kinda woman!

Saturday 18 December 2021

December Full Moon Altar: Sankta Lucia

This month's full moon altar honours Sankta Lucia, Scandinavian Goddess of the Winter Solstice.  Wearing her Crown of Light and bringing gifts of coffee and saffron buns, Sankta Lucia welcomes the returning sun after the longest night of the year.

My Sankta Lucia statue was a gift from my sister a couple of Christmases ago. Here I've placed her on a silver beaded altar cloth, surrounded by mini-lights and holly leaves with bright red berries. Around the altar's perimeter is a selection of large old and new Christmas tree ornaments.

The two old ornaments on the left belonged to my maternal grandmother. Every Christmas at the family hotel, a huge 12-foot high, real Christmas tree was put up in the restaurant dining room, covered in large glass ornaments specially brought from Switzerland in the 1950s. These are the two which my Mom and I were given after her passing. My sister also has one. They are cherished family heirlooms!

The two new ornaments on the right were both purchased by me over the years. The sacred spiral of life one I got in Winnipeg about 30 years ago. The one of snowy winter branches with red berries I bought here in Edmonton about 5 years ago. I love them both!

[Photos © Debra She Who Seeks, December 2021]