Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Running Off With The Unicorns

Yes, I know I said I'd be back to
regularly-scheduled blogging in August.

But I'm not ready to end
my blogging break yet!

So I'm running off with the unicorns
for another month!

This is how I'll be safely spending
my time here at home --

➤ Drinking more coffee.

➤ Eating healthy, nutritious meals.

➤ Baking more goodies.

(Speaking of baking, this is where 
sprinkles come from, you know.)

➤ Watching more TV.

➤ Continuing to read more actual books!

➤ Enjoying summer's sunshine and warmth!

(Thanks, Mitchell of Moving With Mitchell,
for letting me use your fab photo!)

➤ Basking in glorious sunsets while
sitting on my balcony.

(Yes, I know that technically this isn't
a unicorn cut-out, but it SHOULD BE!)

No need to fear for me,
or wonder where I am,
or what I'm doing,
or put up "Lost" posters to find me . . . .

HRH and I 
will be 
just fine!

But I intend to pop back in 
every Wednesday or so
with a new post just to 
keep from getting rusty!

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

A Long Overdue Team Name Change

Hello everyone! I'm popping back from my little blogging hiatus due to exciting, breaking news!

After years of criticism about its inappropriate use of an "indigenous-people-as-mascots" team name, the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League finally bowed to pressure yesterday and dropped the name. YAY!

Until then, team management had tried to avoid this result by relying on a series of evasive, intellectually dishonest and increasingly nonsensical rationalizations. Desperately clinging to that insensitive name also simply reinforced the Canadian stereotype of Albertans as a bunch of backward rednecks who can't move with the times, another negative image that we don't need either.

What changed? Taking a page from the playbook of sponsors who forced the Washington NFL team to change its racist name, a couple of Edmonton's sponsors similarly threatened to withdraw financial support. The entire CFL is on the verge of economic disaster right now anyway due to Covid-19 so no team can afford to lose any sponsors. MONEY TALKS, BABY!

A new team name will be chosen in due course. There's no huge rush because it's not clear if there will even be a CFL season this year. But, as always, I am ready, willing and able to offer suggestions, advice and wise counsel on this important matter.

The team does want to keep its "Double E" logo, so that will put some alphabetical limitations on a new name. If we go the wildlife route, there's the following possibilities: eagles, elks, emus, egrets, elephants or eels. The "Edmonton Eagles" is a bit too American, I think (despite most of our players actually being Americans). The "Edmonton Elks" could be a good choice since elks are plentiful and native to Alberta, and can be kinda scary, badass mofos if provoked, which brings a bit of an intimidation factor. The other E-wildlife names are clearly non-starters.

Five years ago on this blog, I advocated the "Edmonton Edge" as a new team name because it sounds modern and, well, edgy. Shut up, it's still my favourite until I hear anything better! I will email the team and offer it to them gratis. I'm sure they'll get right on it. If it gets chosen, remember you read it here first, LOL!

My sister rather waggishly advanced the "Edmonton Enemas" as the new team name, but she's a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan and you know how they are.

I strongly suspect, however, that the new team name will be something like the "Edmonton Energy" in order to remind everyone of Alberta's oil-and-gas based economy. Even though hard times are upon that industry right now, Alberta never gives up hope of reclaiming its powerhouse economic status.

Monday, 29 June 2020

See You in August!

Her Royal Highness the Cat tells me
that it's time to take a little break.

"You're getting even duller, more
boring and repetitious than ever,"
she purred at me the other night.

"You need to pause, refresh, and
read a few books for a change.
You need to follow MY good example."

So I've decided to do exactly that.

I'm going to take July off from blogging,
sit out on my balcony, and
read some ACTUAL BOOKS!

Steve 'n Bucky
fanfiction online
I promise.

And I'll also be . . . 

Friday, 26 June 2020

Wasn't That A Party!

Time to put up our feet
and enjoy a nice cookie
and latte because --


is a wrap for another year!

Thanks for all your comments,
support and participation!

Smooches to all!

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Rainbow Books Redux

During last year's Translesbigayapalooza, I wrote a post about the first lesbian book and the first gay book I ever read. Afterwards, I realized:

"D'oh! I should have written about
the first TRANS book I ever read too!"

So, on the principle of better late than never, here it is!

In her early life, Jan Morris was James Morris, a well-known Welsh historian, author and travel writer. He was also the reporter embedded with Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953 when they reached the summit of Everest. A former soldier and British spy as well, James Morris began transitioning in 1964 at the age of 38. In 1974 Jan Morris released her autobiography Conundrum about her life path from male to female. The famous opening words of the book are:

"I was three or perhaps four years old
when I realized that I had been born
into the wrong body, and should really be a girl.
I remember the moment well, and it is
the earliest memory of my life."

In the 1970s, openly transsexual/transgender people were still pretty rare and the book became a sensation and a best-seller. I think Jan Morris's honest and moving account helped many people, including me, understand this profound journey better than we might otherwise have.

In 1949, James Morris had married Elizabeth Tuckniss and they had 5 children together. British law forced the couple to divorce following Jan Morris's transition (because same-sex marriage was illegal), but their relationship endured and they remain a couple to this day, 71 years later.

Now 93, Jan Morris's latest book Thinking Again: A Diary has just been published in the UK and will be released in North America in a few months. Among her many honours, she has been named by The Advocate as one of its 2020 Women of the Year.

Monday, 22 June 2020

Virtual Pride Parade!

Covid-19 can't stop Pride!

So are we ready?

Rainbow flag, check.
Rainbow bling, check.

But that photo doesn't really do justice to
my rhinestone rainbow ball cap, 
so here's a better shot, LOL --

Every Pride Parade needs music
with a loud, driving dance beat,
so turn up the volume and let this
video mix play while you're
scrolling through the Parade!

Okay, we're all set now!

Let's get this 
Parade going!

First up, a beautiful
rainbow scarf handcrafted by 
anne marie in philly of

is here with a great photo he took at the
March on Washington for Marriage Equality --

This wonderful rainbow art stone is from
brewella deville of Fort Kickass --

Next up, Shirley of BootsandBraids 
is here in full rainbow mode! 

And Cat with all her colourful 
stripes on display too! 
Peace, baby!

Liz of Finding life hard? has brought along
all her rainbow flowers plus a great sign --

Jackiesue of Yellowdog Granny is next 
with her artist friend Michael 
and his outstanding rainbow art . . .

. . . plus Michael's rainbow vase collection!

Hold on to your wigs, girls!

Yes, it's Mistress Maddie 
in her rainbow drag finery! 

And the Mistress has a special
greeting for you all --

"I'm not ladylike, nor am I manly.
I am something else altogether. 
There were so many different 
ways to be beautiful."

Happy Pride to all! Cheers!

Give a big cheer for the
out 'n proud pets of
Frank from Reluctant Rebel blog . . .

. . . plus Frank himself in a striking rainbow fedora!

And here's Frank's husband Leon in a few 
Pride Parade shots from years gone by --

Next, a parade participant from our
hidden historical past has been brought
by Jim of Road to Parnassus!

In 1938 at the University of Kansas, Miss Erlene Hale
was voted "Perfect Male" by her "co-ed" peers
(i.e. other women students) in the annual
"Puff Pants Prom" to which no men were admitted.

The handsome Miss Hale lived all her life in Kansas
and [*wink*] never married.

[Photo © Acme Newspictures, 1938]

Say, who's this hopping along
the parade route?

It's Tundra Bunny and she says:


The very colourful Anne of The Gods Are Bored
is a seasoned marcher, protester and mummer!
Now she's gracing our Pride Parade too --

Linda of Yéyé Dolls is celebrating with her
exuberant "Rainbow Dress Fashionista Barbie" --

But alas, all good things
must come to an end.

Our Pride Parade concludes
with a wonderful new painting created
by Stacy of Magic Love Crow, entitled:

"Beautiful, YOU Are" --

Sincere thanks to
everyone who participated!

I appreciate the time
and effort you took to
make this Virtual Pride
Parade a success!

Happy Pride, Everybody!