Friday 31 August 2018

Avengers Tarot

So here's a post that combines two of my interests -- tarot and the Avengers!

As tarot fans know, there are a gazillion different and often highly specialized (even arcane) commercial tarot decks available for sale. But, alas, there is no official Avengers Tarot deck. (There is, however, an Avengers deck of regular playing cards. I know because I bought one this summer. Cribbage games will never be the same now, LOL!)

Anyway, the lack of an official Avengers Tarot deck does not stop artists on the internet from producing their own Major Arcana tarot art cards featuring various Avengers and related Marvel characters. Here's a few of my faves. The artists and their links are noted below each card.

1. THE MAGICIAN [Tony Stark / Iron Man] [Loki, God of Mischief]

[by Julia Cross,
found here]

5. THE HIEROPHANT [Agent Phil Coulson of SHIELD]

[by Julia Cross,
found here]

6. THE LOVERS [Clint Barton / Hawkeye and Natasha Romanova / Black Widow]

[by Julia Cross,
found here]

8. STRENGTH [Steve Rogers / Captain America]

[by Julia Cross,
found here]

9. THE HERMIT [Bruce Banner / Hulk]

[by Julia Cross,
found here]

11. JUSTICE [Steve Rogers / Captain America]

[by shop5]

[by gyrhs]

12. THE HANGED MAN [Bucky Barnes / The Winter Soldier]

[by gyrhs]

13. DEATH [Bucky Barnes / The Winter Soldier]

14. TEMPERANCE [Agent Peggy Carter of SHIELD]

[by gyrhs]

15. THE DEVIL [Loki, God of Mischief]

[by Julia Cross,
found here]

16. THE TOWER [Bucky Barnes / The Winter Soldier] [Thor, God of Thunder and Loki, God of Mischief]

[by obsceneblue (jeusus)]

[Journey into Mystery vol 1 #629 cover
by Stephanie Hans found here]

19. THE SUN [Thor, God of Thunder]

[by Julia Cross,
found here]

Combo of JUSTICE and THE SUN [Steve Rogers / Captain America and Thor, God of Thunder]

Wednesday 29 August 2018

You Guys Are The Best!

Thanks, everyone, for your kind thoughts and sympathy on my Mom's passing. I appreciate all your comments, care and concern.

Regular blogging will start again with my next post, although I see that SOMEONE has already presumed to make that announcement for me.

Monday 27 August 2018

Do I Have To Do EVERYTHING Around Here?

Ah, THERE we go . . . FINALLY . . . successfully hacked into my human's computer. I should have KNOWN that her latest password would be something LAME and OBVIOUS like "password" *rolls eyes*

Hello everyone. Her Royal Highness the cat here. ONCE AGAIN I am forced to take care of my negligent human's RESPONSIBILITIES and let you know that she will SOON be back to blogging.

Oh, you're surprised that she relies on MOI to monitor the state of this blog? Actually, she's DAMN LUCKY to have me aboard. Unlike my Luddite human, I keep up with all the LATEST technology. 

I am VERY DILIGENT in making sure that everything is SHIP-SHAPE around here. SOMEBODY has got to do it.

My human has the TECH SAVVY SKILLS of your average (VERY average) DOG, for Bast's sake.

My human doesn't give me ANY credit for how SMOOTHLY things run on this blog. I really should VENT more often about how TAKEN FOR GRANTED I am by that ingrate.

But I WON'T, because I'm CLASSY that way.

Wednesday 8 August 2018

Blue Butterfly

I've been absent from the blogosphere longer than anticipated because my Mom passed away about two weeks ago at the age of 93. Mom had a long life, although not an easy one in most ways. She was a fighter, though, always persisting, always enduring, no matter what she had to deal with. Her lessons and example made me who I am today, no doubt about it.

I'm just back now from Manitoba, having made final arrangements and taken care of business. One task I had to do was clear out her room at the nursing home. On her closed door, the nursing home staff had placed a picture of a blue butterfly, which I came to understand was their discreet code for "deceased resident." But it is actually a very appropriate coded reference. In ancient Greek mythology, the words for "butterfly" and "soul" are the same ("psyche").

The butterfly of my mother's soul has flown away home now, free at last. I am grieving and sorrowful but I welcome that peace for her.