Friday 5 April 2024

Ultimate Bad Hair Day

Since Medusa made an appearance via Athena's shield
in my March Full Moon post, I thought it's time
for a post of memes 'n LOLs about everyone's favourite
serpentine-haired monster of Greek mythology

Wednesday 3 April 2024


FUN FACT: The Oscar Mayer vehicle used to be called the "Wienermobile" and was driven by special drivers called "Hot Doggers." As of May 2023, it's now called the "Frankmobile" and is driven by "Frankfurters."

Monday 1 April 2024

Laffs For April Fools

That's IT, folks!

I've only got ONE actual April Fools meme,
so I'm going to pad out the rest of this post
with visual puns and sight gags -- 


Finally, for all you fabric artists
and Pink Floyd fans out there,
may I present . . .

The Dark Side of the Loom!