Wednesday 30 June 2021

GAYbourhood Pride

Earlier this month, Bill Lisleman of A Few Clowns Short 
sent me this photo that his daughter took of 
a house in her neighbourhood --

Other people photographed this 
stunning Pride display as well 
and it quickly went VIRAL!
You can read all about the 
house and its owners here.

So this inspired me to roam around 
MY city of Edmonton, Alberta to see
what kind of Pride displays I could find!

This Progress Pride Flag crosswalk
is located downtown a block from my place
by MacEwan University -- 

Also a block from my place, these Pride Murals
were just painted on a building at NorQuest College.

This one celebrates the transformative journey
of transgender people --

This one honours indigenous two-spirit people --

"Let Pride be your umbrella!"

I snapped these Pride Balloons
at my local Save-On Foods supermarket --

Lots of stores and restaurants around the city
hang Pride flags in their windows, but some
go the extra mile such as this paint store --

Here's a nice window display at a bank 
on Whyte Avenue (one of Edmonton's trendiest 
shopping, bar and restaurant scenes) --

The bank right across the street from it, 
not to be outdone, wrapped its 
entire building in all the Pride colours --

So colourful! I love it!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Well, everyone, that's a wrap on another year's


here at She Who Seeks blog.

Thanks for coming along on the ride with me!

[Photos #2 to #10 inclusive © Debra She Who Seeks, June 2021]

Monday 28 June 2021

HRH's Pet Purride Pawrade!

["Pride Heart HRH" © My Human, May 2021]


Okay, let's get this party started!

It's a jam-packed pawrade, so grab
a Pride Cock-a-tail or three
and settle in for a wild ride!

Our first participant is this cute little baby moose 
who managed to find a Pride flag 
in the middle of nowhere! 
Submitted by Shauna --

And here's Zoey the cat and Mollie the dog
serving up some "come as you are" realness!
Their human is Missy George of This N That.

Kirk of Shadow of a Doubt used his Hollywood connections
to persuade everyone's favourite "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
movie star -- TOTO! -- to come and join our Purride Pawrade!

Next up -- an out 'n proud bunch 
of rainbow-flag-waving critters!

Their human, David of 
provides the introductions --

"Once the gang heard about the parade, they elected a delegation. Front row, is copy-cat hamster, and Travel Penguin, behind him is Shirley, our Platypus, Lucky the green Irish sheep, behind him is Edwin the Dodo (he is sensitive about being extinct - we adopted him at Oxford, we were staying at St Edmund Hall) and in the back Rex one of the newest flock members (he joined us on King Street.)" 

And here's Lilith and Buster Bolfig Borghese,
both dolled up in their best Pride finery!

Their human, Mistress Maddie Borghese
(self-proclaimed "Vamp and Gin Connoisseur"
says that Lilith is channeling 
Marsha P. Johnson
the famous drag queen heroine 
of the Stonewall Riots --

See the resemblance?

Next is a painting created especially for
the Pet Purride Pawrade by Stacy of MagicLoveCrow!

Crows are proud too!
Stacy says the painting 
is called "Love" and -- 

"This crow is surrounding the world, which is under its beak. The crow has no gender, it represents all, spreading love and peace." 

Direct from the Costa del Sol in Spain
it's the Ale-Hop Store Cow being both
proud and Covid-compliant!

Thanks to Mitchell of Moving With Mitchell
for his photo-journalism!

But that's not all!

Mitchell also cajoled his cat Dudo
into posing for two artistic Pride portraits --

"Winged Dudo With Booties" and

"Rainbow Jumpsuit Dudo With Hat"

Look how proudly these next doggies 
are wearing their rainbow neckerchiefs! 

Their human, Suz of Busy Bee Suz, says --

"I was able to wrangle my trio of misfits for some Pride Pics! Max, Lillie and Callie are Allies to everyone! I take it back. Max and Lillie aren't very fond of other dogs, squirrels or rabbits. But EVERYONE else!"

Our next participant is a colourful cat GIF from the internet
provided by Linda of Yéyé Dolls because
her own cat Hailey "didn't feel like cooperating."

Good for you, Hailey!
Always let the humans know who's boss!

Clear a path and make way 
for the Rainbow Love Pets who own

Clockwise: Consuelo, MaxGoldberg, Tuxedo, and Ozzo the doggie!

Diversity is the hallmark and 
strength of any community!

Bugs can be pets too!

This rainbow collection adorns
a celebratory chocolate cake made by

And finally, this is Annie, Queen of Hearts
who loves to give big sloppy kisses to everyone she meets 
and will play fetch for as long as anyone 
is willing to throw her ball! 

Horribly abused as a puppy, she was rescued and 
now has a happy life with Shauna! 

Photos submitted by Annie's pal, Tundra Bunny!

YOWZA! What a wonderful Pawrade!

Thank you so much to everyone
who contributed to its success!

Saturday 26 June 2021

Supportive Family and Friends

I'm happy to have received 
so many comments all this month 
from readers who love, support and encourage 
their LGBTQ+ family members and friends!

This is being a true Ally in action!

Kudos to you all! 

Thursday 24 June 2021

June Full Moon Altar: Kwan Yin

This month's full moon altar honours the Buddhist Bodhisattva, Kwan Yin. As an embodiment of the Divine Feminine, Kwan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion -- her very name means "She Who Hears the Cries of the World." See the small golden vase in her hand? It contains the healing Balm of Compassion composed of Kwan Yin's tears, collected as she weeps for the suffering of the world.

I found this lovely little porcelain statue of Kwan Yin about 20 years ago in an Edmonton second-hand store, with a small tag affixed which said "Chinese Lady $10." Clearly she went unrecognized in that store! For Pride month, Kwan Yin sits on a transgender flag altar cloth, flanked by two white lotus candle holders. 

Why is Kwan Yin the perfect Goddess to represent those who are non-binary, gender fluid or transgender?

Centuries ago, Kwan Yin originated in India as a male deity and was brought to China in that form. Ancient representations of Kwan Yin often include a pencil-thin moustache and a small goatee. But because compassion and mercy were categorized as "feminine" virtues, portrayals of Kwan Yin got progressively effeminate over time as artists tried to capture that essence in their work. During the Song Dynasty (1000-1200 C.E.), Chinese artists turned Kwan Yin into a woman once and for all.

So today Kwan Yin is a willowy figure in a flowing white dress and veil, with the hairdo and jewelry of a beautiful woman. But, in recognition of her male origins, she is always portrayed as completely flat-chested. Unlike virtually every other representation of the Divine Feminine, there are no big breasts for Kwan Yin! She is the most androgynous of all spiritual beings.

Kwan Yin's journey from one gender to the other mirrors the transgender/non-binary journey that so many people undertake today. Taking our cue from Kwan Yin, mercy and compassion should always be our response to that most profound of all transformations. It is quite literally a divine journey.

[First two photos © Debra She Who Seeks, June 2021; Third image is from the internet.]

Tuesday 22 June 2021

Taste the Rainbow!

I'll have one of everything, please!

What looks good to YOU?