Thursday 31 October 2019

A Blessed Samhain

Halloween is not all fun and games.
It has a serious spiritual basis.

The pagan celebration of Samhain ("Summer's End")
begins at sunset tonight.

The Wheel of the Year has turned once more and
it is now time to honour the Crone Goddess.

In Celtic spirituality, the Raven is
a sacred familiar of the Crone Goddess,
aiding her in the tasks of preparing
for the grave and renewal.

The Raven is a shamanic creature.
It easily flies back and forth between the worlds,
bearing messages and omens.

The Raven's association with death
extends especially to death in battle.

The Raven often accompanies the Celtic
War Goddess known as The Morrigan.

The Raven remains a powerful symbol from ancient times . . . 

. . . right up to today's modern world. 

The Raven reminds us all to
remember and honour
the passage of time.

Tuesday 29 October 2019

Halloween Meme Stash BLOWOUT

An assortment of miscellaneous odds 'n sods
to close out the month of October!

Here's a good way to get your house egged --

Probably by these two.

This will be the fate of us all.

A timely seasonal reminder --

Always be your true self!

And remember -- only four more months 'til Valentines Day!

Halloween in Canada!

And in the United States!

Now THAT'S scary!

Friday 25 October 2019

Halloween Chocolate Cookie Houses!

Over the years, My Rare One and I have decorated quite a few Christmas gingerbread houses. But this year, we decided to try our hands at Halloween chocolate cookie houses instead!

I bought two cookie house kits from Michael's. Half-price, yay! (I certainly would NOT have paid the outrageous full original price for them, I must say). We used the black and orange icing that came with the kits to put the rickety little shacks together, but otherwise all the candies and other decorations were bought separately. (The ones provided by the kits were pretty crappy).

My Rare One chose largely orange icing for her tiny house. I love her little pumpkins on caramel hay bales and the walkway full of chocolate rocks. She also did an awesome job on the gravestone, grave dirt and zombie candy hand.

Her candy corn shingling job was outstanding as well, in my opinion. We had lots of zombie candy hands so she put a couple more crawling up the back of the house. (I got those half-price at Michael's too).

I used red icing along my roof line to mimic dripping blood. And I owe a shout-out of thanks to my sister who gave me a package of candy googly eyes. The red icing in which they're set is supposed to represent red-rimmed bloodshot eyeballs.

My tombstone fell over on a pair of zombie hands. There's two or three hard-to-see gummy worms crawling out of the grave too. And please note: my rather shakily piped lettering spells out FU, not PU. Although either is appropriate, I guess!

Cadbury chocolate wafer fingers form the fence which keeps in my shack's green grass (parsley). And I went a bit crazy with candy corns on the back and as roof finials.

No, we did not eat a SINGLE candy while making these houses! And we will not eat any between now and Halloween. Our chocolate cookie houses will sit out on My Rare One's front step on Halloween night this year instead of carved pumpkins. Then they will mysteriously disappear, we know not where.

(P.S. -- If you'd like to see our efforts at Christmas gingerbread houses over the years, just click on the label "Gingerbread Houses" at the end of this post or over on the right sidebar and then scroll through the posts!)

[All photos taken by Debra She Who Seeks and My Rare One, October 2019]

Wednesday 23 October 2019

Halloween Party Invite!

Got nothing better to do?

Then come to my country estate for a Halloween party!

You'll be warmly greeted at the door.
Probably hugged to death!

And you'll be welcomed inside the house too!

Help yourself to a beverage.

Yes, there will be nachos!

Keep your eyes peeled for
spaghetti and meatballs too.

And save room for cupcakes!

But please refrain from snacking
on any of the other guests.

And in deference to my guest Joan of Arc,
no BBQ will be served.

The costumes will largely be sweet and innocent,
like Rapunzel here in her tower,
who will let down her hair for you.

And what is more wholesome than
Peter Pan and his shadow?

However, some costumes may be a little risqué,
like Babe Lincoln's . . .

. . . although there will be no nudity, I promise!

But what the hell, come to the party anyway!

Monday 21 October 2019

It's Federal Election Day in Canada!

Well, today I have to go and vote for one of these numbnuts
to be the next Prime Minister of Canada.

And despite the endless media coverage
since the election was called,
no one has been able to tell me the
most important political information of all . . . .

It's hard not to be cynical about politicians
and the political process these days . . . .

For example, we believed in Justin Trudeau's
"sunny ways" last time and
where the hell did that get us?

WTF, we'd probably be better off if 
cats themselves actually did go into politics.

How much worse could they be?

A cat did run in Canada's last federal election.
I knew I should have voted for him!

Oh, Earl Grey, you magnificent furball,
where are you in 2019 now that 
your country needs you even more?