Tuesday 29 September 2020

Bubble Stanley Cup Winners!

Congrats to the Tampa Bay Lightning on winning the 2020 Stanley Cup, seen here hoisted by Captain Steven Stamkos! The team's nickname is "The Bolts" and their fans are called "The Thunder." Now, because of Covid-19 restrictions, their fans call themselves "The Distant Thunder," LOL! I thought their revision was quite clever, all things considered.

My Rare One and I watched the entire Western Conference playoffs and the Stanley Cup Finals held here in our own Bubble City of Edmonton. It was so great to see live hockey on TV again!

Despite no fans being present because of the coronavirus and all the seats covered with tarps, the broadcast crew did an outstanding job of creating game excitement by the use of electronic graphics, simulated crowd noise and cheering, and standard musical clips usually heard at games. The only thing missing was the sound of booing for bad referee calls and for NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman when he presented the Stanley Cup. Those traditions will just have to wait for the return of fans in the future!

I know the NHL hands out its own player awards, but here are MY AWARDS from the playoffs --

The "I Have a Thing for Goalies" Best Player Award:
Anton Khudobin (Russia), Dallas Stars.

The "Next Best Goalie" Award:
Thatcher Demko (USA), Vancouver Canucks

The "I Love a Guy With a Big Schnozz" Award:
Milan Lucic (British Columbia), Calgary Flames

The "Best Rockin' Hockey Hair" Award:
Mark Stone (Manitoba), Vegas Golden Knights

Oh wait, here's an even better photo of him in a fight with his helmet off! Hard to tell if that's blood on his forehead or just plastered-down sweaty hair but either way, outstanding work!

Saturday 26 September 2020

Vikings Then and Now

Those old timey Vikings
were one tough bunch.

They learned how to pillage and kill at a young age.

And man, did Vikings ever get around!

Vikings had their softer side too, I suppose.

Yes, kittens.

Bloodthirsty berserker Viking kittens.

When not away killing and pillaging,
Vikings were farmers like everyone else. 

Kind of.

Thanks to the pandemic, however, 
Vikings are making a big comeback today.

But modern Vikings are a much 
more socially responsible bunch.

For example, they willingly 
observe social distancing rules.

They eat by themselves in restaurants, 
not in big groups anymore.

Many just stay home and self-isolate.

They've cut way, WAY down on the pillaging and killing.

Now they're the ones most likely to be picked on.

Viking attitudes to traveling have 
dramatically changed as well.

Now they're just tourists
like everyone else.

Thursday 24 September 2020

Glorious Fall Is Here!

Well, I missed marking the Autumn Equinox 
on my blog Tuesday because I was 
too busy bitching about New Blogger.

So here's a few belated memes to celebrate!

And speaking of the collapse of civilization,
here's some coronavirus LOLs for you too!

But hey, October is almost here!
That means Halloween, yay!

Tuesday 22 September 2020

You Hate, I Hate, We All Hate . . . New Blogger!

I know everyone hates New Blogger and misses Legacy Blogger. I do, too. It seems like everything takes three times longer to do now and at least six times the number of steps to accomplish. It especially sucks for posts that are meme- and image-heavy, like mine.

Does your draft insert a double blank line every time you hit "return"? Louise at Standing Into Danger has the solution -- click here to read her post!

And apparently, there IS STILL a way to revert to Legacy Blogger, although it involves a few steps to accomplish. Two excellent explanations of the process are found here at Leanna's blog Can We Have A New Witch, Ours Melted and here at Mike's blog Billions of Versions of Normal. 

I haven't tried it myself yet but will do so soon, especially if I can't get a solution to this problem --

I have New Blogger more or less figured out except for one thing -- GIFS. Does anyone out there know how to insert them into a New Blogger draft post? Copy and paste does not seem to work anymore, nor does putting them into my photos file and uploading from there. Help a sister out, LOL!

Saturday 19 September 2020

12th Blogoversary Today!

I was going to have a cake and everything,
but someone stole it . . . .

But I can't condemn HRH for her thieving ways
because I too am a thief -- 12 years a thief!

That's how long I've been swiping cartoons, memes,
images and videos to repost here on She Who Seeks blog.

But . . . but . . . it's justifiable, isn't it?

And besides, I do it ALL
for YOU, baby!


So to everyone
from whom I've swiped stuff
over the years . . . 


I couldn't have kept this blog going
for 12 years without you!

Thursday 17 September 2020

Do Ye Believe?

You make Nessie SAD 
when you don't believe.

Because, after all --

So here's an important reminder, Nessie!

Speaking of Loch Ness, last month My Rare One and I watched an outstanding TV series called "The Loch" which takes place there. It's a 6-part murder mystery about a serial killer and is just full of twists 'n turns! It was made in Britain by ITV in 2017 and may be called "Loch Ness" in some settings instead of "The Loch." If you get a chance to see it, I highly recommend it! (Acorn TV streaming service appears to have it and, for Canadians, so does CBC Gem streaming service).