Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Happy Earth Day!

In honour of Earth Day today, here's a favourite poem. I love how it evokes Gaia's "motherly attitude" in a way that is not usually portrayed, but yet which is entirely truthful. I'm sure we've all experienced this particular tone of voice from our own Moms at some point or another in our lives! This poem is found in Marilyn Sewell (ed.), Cries of the Spirit: A Celebration of Women's Spirituality (Boston: Beacon Press, 1991) at pp. 245-247.

Inventing Sin
by George Ella Lyon

God signs to us
we cannot read
She shouts
we take cover
She shrugs
and trains leave
the tracks

Our schedules! we moan
Our loved ones

God is fed up
All the oceans she gave us
All the fields
All the acres of steep seedful forests
And we did what
Invented the Great Chain
of Being and
the chain saw
Invented sin

God sees us now
gorging ourselves &
starving our neighbors
starving ourselves &
storing our grain
& She says

I've had it
you cast your trash
upon the waters -- 
it's rolling in

You stuck your fine fine finger
into the mystery of life
to find death

& you did
you learned how to end
the world
in nothing flat

Now you come crying
to your mommy
Send us a miracle
Prove that you exist

Look at your hand, I say
Listen to your scared heart
Do you have to haul the tide in
sweeten the berries on the vine

I set you down
a miracle among miracles
You want more
It's your turn
You show me


Lisa said...

beautiful- thanks for sharing xx

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Wow.. that gave me goose bumps.. or in my case would it be swanskin tinglies...

Don't matter: great poem; good tie into the day, Lady Debora Who Seeks..


Misty Boston said...

I see you already knew Earth Day!
I should have known! :D