Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Country Classics

Needless to say, we were surrounded by country music at the Stampede. Luckily though, we didn't have to listen to the five least popular country albums, as reported by the Calgary Sun:

1. I Ain't Drunk, Just Pukin by Cooter.

2. Hickey on My Tattoo by Spanklin Brothers.

3. Drunk Tank Lovin' by The Double-Wide Dandys.

4. 10 Gallon Toupee by Tim McGraw.

5. Paintin' Up and Puttin' Out by Taylor Fast.

And that's why country music is Music for the Ages. Just like Mozart.


mxtodis123 said...

Ah, yes, country music. Moved down around Nashville for awhile, and that's the only music I could get on the radio. Some real tear-jerkers.

Beatnheart said...

wish I thought of those clever lines. very funny.

BugginWord said...

*scribbling furiously* A whole new mess o' wedding songs for Gwatt! Thanks, Debra!

RA said...

LOL Some witty titles! Otherwise I must admit that country isn't anywhere near my favourite music... :)

Caroline said...

I Ain't Drunk, Just Pukin'

Little Messy Missy said...

Can't stand it.... always about alcohol, cheating and dogs.... no hate mail please!!!


my favorites were always:I can't get over get up and answer the phone yourself..
I have tears in my ears from lying on my back, crying over you.
and my favorite...if you can't live with out me..why ain't you dead?

Travis Erwin said...


Blueberry said...

Ha haaaa! I am going to have to look some of those up!

laughingwolf said...

nudder on ye missed, lass: kinky friedman and the texas jewboys

Kinky Friedman -
Mama, Baby, Mama Let Me Jump In Your Pajamas... lyrics

(Kinky Friedman, Roger Friedman, Panama Red)

Mama, baby, mama, let me jump in your pajamas, hey!
Mama, baby, mama, ooh, you're getting warmer, hey!
Mama, baby, kiss me, mama, baby, hug me,
Mama, baby, mama, let me dig your baby monkey.
Mama, baby, mama, I come from Alabama, hey!
Mama, baby, mama, would you let me strum a banjo on yer knee.
Mama gonna rock ya, mama gonna roll ya
Mama gonna hold ya like I never told ya!
Mama, baby, mama, I'd like to jump in your pajamas, hey!
Mama, baby, mama, ooh, ye're getting warmer, hey!
Mama, baby, kiss me, mama, baby, hug me,
Mama, baby, mama, let me drive your favorite monkey.
Favorite monkey!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

I have an old John Denver Christmas Album 8 Track tape that has one track entitled 'Daddy Don't Get Drunk for Chrismas' an instant classic in my household.

Andrea on Third Street said...

LOL - Those are some charming titles!

Alexa said...


Tell me ... is there *really* a song called "Flushed from the Toilet of Your Heart"?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Jaliya -- if there's not, there should be!