Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Childhood Friends: Intro

I grew up in a small one-horse prairie town, which was (and probably still is) exactly the same as all other small one-horse prairie towns. I was ten years old in Canada's Centennial Year, 1967, which was a really big deal at our school. We had to sing Bobby Gimby's "Ca-na-da" song constantly. We had to colour endless copies of the Centennial logo. Worst of all, we were forced to memorize all the provincial flags and official flowers. I still remember them. Anyway, I want to tell you about some of the interesting kids I knew then. Most of my childhood friends were outsiders and misfits. That probably reveals some horrible dark truth about myself more than anything else, but so what! I don't know how long this series of posts will be or if they will all be consecutively posted but off we go, down memory lane!


Bum Atom said...

misfit, what flag is that?

Hermesmerized© the duchessofH said...

I grew up in Ontario, and was also ten when the new flag, flew in Canada. I went to Expo 67, wearing my white go-go boots and taking my clear vinyl rain coat; thinking I was so mature, mod, and space-age.
Life was so simple and full of promise, and excitement back then; wasn't it?