Friday 12 April 2019

Tin Foil Hat Awards!

The Tin Foil Hat Contest received nine submissions from daring and creative bloggers -- thank you to everyone who entered! And, by an amazing coincidence, each entry won the award for its own particular category!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, here are the entries in the order in which they were received --

#1 -- Queen of the Nile Award

Shirley of BootsandBraids channels her inner Cleopatra to ward off aliens and the government! Move outta her way, Elizabeth Taylor, and bow to the new Queen!

# 2 -- Bravest of Brave Patriots Award

Liz Hinds, who blogs from the U.K. in Finding Life Hard?, wants you to "please note I have cunningly combined a rebound aerial with the traditional Welsh symbol of a leek." I'm very glad she has clarified this.

#3 -- Birds of a Feather Award

Stacy of MagicLoveCrow usually works in paint and canvas to create her signature crow art but this time she has done it in tin foil! And as she notes, "it takes some creativity and talent to keep these hats together! LOL!"

#4 -- Leather! Lights! Tin Foil! Award

Bill Lisleman of A Few Clowns Short has bravely risked electrocution by combining LED lights and tin foil in his entry. As he notes, "my eyebrows are well protected."

#5 -- The Tin Foil Tudor Award

Wendy of Inadequate Materials writes: "Since my ding-dong of a cat, Anakin has somehow managed to end up with an autoimmune disorder that causes him to scratch his face off, he lives permanently in a cone of shame--AKA the Elizabethan collar. And the idea for my tin foil hat was born! Here's the dashing Tudor gentleman in his tin foil collar and hat. He was surprisingly cooperative for this, confirming once and for all the calming properties of tin foil head wear."

Forsooth, Sir Anakin, your conspiratorial kitty-cat thoughts are now safe from the Crown!

# 6 -- Quoth the Buddha "Nevermore" Award

Thanks to Ol'Buzzard of Ol'Buzzard's World View, the Buddha's transcendent thoughts are now even more inscrutable due to his new tin foil hat.

And Edgar Allan Poe's dark musings are similarly protected. No more tell-tale brain for him!

#7 -- Wide Brim Easter Realness Award

Mistress Maddie of A Day With The Mistress Borghese says not only does this grand chapeau prevent the government from reading any evil thoughts but "I also think I am getting free premium channels right now with all the frills upon the top."

#8 -- Beware the Internet Award

Jim of The Road to Parnassus reminds everyone that "the all-important Computer Tin Foil Hat . . . is guaranteed to protect the user from all kinds of subversive websites and blogs out there. However, note that it is not guaranteed in reverse, because nothing will stop Google from plundering your most intimate secrets. A real tip: Do cover the camera lens on your laptop--don't forget that the camera can be turned on remotely (so can the microphone) and spy on you." Yikes!

#9 -- Pussy Riot Award

Fundy Blue of Standing into Danger has improved the Pussy Hat for protesters everywhere by now shielding their thoughts from police state detection and control! Incidentally, she's also strategically seeking Her Royal Highness the Cat's endorsement for votes.

Who Should Be
The Grand Prize Winner?

Each award winner (i.e. everyone!) is going to receive a small prize to congratulate them for their creativity. I'll be in touch with each of you shortly for your mailing addresses.

But one contestant will also be the Grand Prize Winner and will receive a special grand prize package for their efforts!

It's up to YOU, faithful readers, to choose the best tin foil hat of all! One vote per reader and please vote only for one contestant.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Comment moderation is on. Your votes will not be published. But if you want to say anything in addition to your vote, please do so in a SEPARATE COMMENT so it can be published.

Voting will be open until midnight on Monday April 15, 2019.



Moving with Mitchell said...

Oh I wish I would have gotten my act together! These are wonderful!!!

Infidel753 said...

Liz Hinds may have been inspired by a leek, but I think that design could be marketed to the more impulsive wingnut males as protection for the head they actually think with.

Stacy's hat will not only protect her from the mind control rays, but reflect them back upon their perfidious senders.

And I should have known a cat would work its way in here somehow.

Deedles said...

These are awesome! Such talent! Such whimsy!

Mistress Maddie said...

What a splendid hat hat and to be here with true tin foil artiste!!! All creative and beautiful tin creations. Liz's reminds me of something or other....I just can't seem to wrap my hand around it????

I'm off now....gotta change the hat position to the HBO position for Game of Thrones this weekend.....

Lovely show Debs......

JFM said...

Congratulations to these very talented hat makers!!!

Parnassus said...

Hello Debra, Myself excluded, you have some talented readers. I imagine the world is safe now, at least until they start rationing aluminum after most of the supply was exhausted due to your contest.

I am looking forward to seeing the grand winner, but note that if there were a prize for the laziest entry, I would have won hands down!

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

What a lot of fun this post was to view. Congratulations to all those who entered.

Kirk said...

They're all great!

BootsandBraids said...

These are hilarious! It appears we bloggers are a clever creative bunch of folks, your pirate hat included. Thanks for the Queen of the Nile Award and thanks for coming up with such a fun contest.

bobbie said...

Congratulations to all for their shiny creations!

Fundy Blue said...

Hi, Debra! These are wonderful! I am in awe of the creativity of the contestants and the creativity of your awards. This post gave me the biggest laugh I've had in a while. And boy did I need it. We were running around until late last night and at it again this morning. I'll just say multiple offers, pre-approval. You know what's going on! Right now I'm wearing my tinfoil hat to protect the world from my crazy brain waves!!!!!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Stacy's hat gave me life.
So did Bill's for different reasons heh.
Mistress Maddie's was FASHION!


Bill Lisleman said...

Great to see such a variety of tin foil work. Thanks for suggesting this challenge. You are very talented in creating those award categories. Unique bloggers and unique readers - it makes the blog world turn.

Bea said...

Such fun! The submissions made me smile. said...

You've taken contests to a new level. I'm inspired. These are outrageous. Fabulous contest!
Nobody voted here - do we do that separately?
Have a great weekend.

Adam said...

Does it matter who we vote for? Putin is going to pick it anyway. Damn electoral college. Those tin foil hats do nothing to their alien Russian lazers!

e said...

I'm so glad that they all won! Mighty impressive foil artistry!

Ur-spo said...

This is the best blogger post I've read this year - standing ovation to you for wit and humor !!

This N That said...

You sure have a lot of creative followers..They were great ..hard to pick just one..

Jono said...

I simply cannot chose the greatest of the great. I am just not worthy of that responsibility.

Liz Hinds said...

Thank you for the award and for the contest! Can't wait for the next one. What a star you are, Debra!

G.B. Miller said...

These hats are just simply priceless! And so perfect for today's turbulent world!

mshatch said...

Re: #2 I am also glad that was clarified as I would've guessed that to be something other than a leek...Regardless, one can wear whatever one wants on one's head :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

This is shiny creativity gone wild! The one on the laptop had me rolling, the same goes for the light. And the hat made of wings? LOVE the juxtaposition, the thought that in order to be protected a head must fly.

Can't wait to see who will be the grand winner. Still, every single one of these already won.

And you are the hostess with the mostess.

Guillaume said...

They are all very funny.

Anitia Moorecock said...


*throws flowers to all the tin foil designers*

Truedessa said...

These are all very creative! A very fun contest!

The Liberty Belle said...

Congratulations to all the winners! All were very creative and fun.

baili said...

what a fun dear Debra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

i so enjoyed seeing all these happy faces and hats :)))

i visited few and i will visit and congratulate other too soon

congratulations for such wonderful happy event my friend!

RO said...

I was just peeking in to see who won this very fun contest! Hugs...RO

Fundy Blue said...

Happy Easter to you and your Rare One, Debra!