Saturday, 3 January 2009

A New Beginning

One of my favourite things about the New Year is having a brand-new datebook. For the past dozen or so years, I've been using the We'Moon datebook. It is full of wonderful art and poetry created by women to celebrate goddess spirituality. The following is an excerpt from the datebook (2009 edition, p. 6) that explains the meaning of "We'Moon":

We'moon means "women." Instead of defining ourselves in relation to men (as in woman or female), we use the word we'moon to define ourselves by our primary relation to the natural sources of cosmic flow. Other terms we'moon use are womyn, wimmin, womon, womb-one. We'Moon is a moon calendar for we'moon. As we'moon, we seek to be whole in ourselves, rather than dividing ourselves in half and hoping that some "other half" will complete the picture. We see the whole range of life's potential embodied and expressed by we'moon and do not divide the universe into sex-role stereotypes. We'Moon is sacred space in which to explore and celebrate the diversity of she-ness on Earth. We'Moon is created by, for and about womyn: in Her image.

We'moon means "we of the moon." The Moon, whose cycles run in our blood, is the original womyn's calendar. Like the Moon, we'moon circle the Earth. We are drawn to one another. We come in different shapes, colors and sizes. We are continually transforming. With all our different hues and points of view, we are one.

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Edain said...

Thanks for the info on this datebook, it looks great! :)

Blessings to your Hearth,