Thursday, 15 October 2009

H-R-H at the V-E-T

Her Royal Highness is one of those aloof felines. She is not a lap cat at all. When HRH does show affection, it is strictly on her terms and don't you forget it! Her regal behaviour befits her status as The Daughter of Bast.

There is only one exception to this state of affairs. When we are at the vet's office, HRH completely turns into a clingy, mushy, sucky baby. As she crouches on the stainless steel examination table, she presses against me as closely as possible. Only at the vet's office can I pick her up and carry her around without difficulty. Nor does she fight the vet, but endures every indignity without resistance.

But as soon as we're home, HRH again rules me with the Iron Paw. She Is Not Amused.


Judith said...

Don't they all have their own personalities!

Barbara said...

OMG, I'm laughing. I so know that cat, though my personal HRH's are long gone now...My new cats are shelter cats and somehow, they had the HRH scared silly out of them. Now they are just lovey.

Cats are the best, aren't they? You have to own one to truly understand how funny and lovely they are, despite their quirks. It just shows how much she loves you that you are her go-to girl at the vet. Now that's trust! xoxB

Rue said...

Funny - my girl is like that too. Dexter is always a bit of a suck though, so he's the bears my cuddles with ease.

Unknown said...

My cats are all over much so that it is annoying and recently I've been accidently hitting them with things like the refrigerator door, or the shower door because they are always under foot...aloof can be a blessing at times.

Although, I'd probably miss the attetnion and be at the vet just to get a cuddle!

Unknown said...

OMG LMAO..too that HRH..giggle snort!! Thank you hon I soooo needed a giggle!!
Hugs, Sarah

mxtodis123 said...

My little lady is all over you from the time you get up in the morning...Oh, gosh, and when I get home from work and just want to kick off the shoes and relax. But, she's 17 years old now. Pretty much whatever she wants is allowed.

Welcome back.


sounded like annie...she lap sat once in a blue moon but she had a ritual of belly rubbing every night in bed..she'd lay next to me and i'd rub and pet and cuddle and she would love it..for about 15 minutes then it was meow dont touch me..ha..

Sara said...

I loved this picture and what you wrote about your cat. My cat is also a tabby. She's called Aggie, after Agatha Christie because she's always curious and getting into trouble.

If you leave a cupboard open for just a second, you can almost guarantee if Aggie's nearby, she'll disappear. And she can stay hidden for hours without meowing.

I can't tell you how times I have frantically searched the house for her only to find her sleeping peacefully in some odd place.

Then again, she's also not very lovey-dovey. I can't just pick her and pet, she has to decide when she's ready for me to scratch her head or under her chin.

I've been with my boyfriend for four years now and just recently she consented to lying down next to him. He was so thrilled, he wouldn't move. I swear the power of cats:~)