Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Mind Blowing Blog Award!

Thank you so much, dear Mary/mxtodis123 of Dreams, A Pathway to the Soul, for considering this blog to be worthy of a Mind Blowing Blog Award! Yowza! I'm humbled by its receipt (and I just love that design!)

Now it is my privilege to pass the award on to five other mind blowing blogs. It's very hard to choose because every blog I like is mind blowing, IMHO. So I thought of different types of mind blowingness and picked that way.

Serious Mind Blowing:
Rebecca Harding of The Sustainable Soul: Natural Spirituality -- Rebecca writes eloquent meditations on environmental spirituality.

Artsy Mind Blowing:
Sarah of Cottage Garden Studios -- Sarah's whimsical and beautiful artwork, plus her fabulous photography, are always a joy to behold.

Outrageous Mind Blowing:
Elly of BugginWord
Corey James of madtexter
Jackiesue of Yellowdog Granny
I'm grouping these together because each of them never fails to make me say, "OMG, they said WHAT?" Kaboom!

Seriously, check out these blogs if you have a moment -- you won't regret it!


Unknown said... I am so touched that you feel that way! happy dancin... Will post it today!Thank you hon! Hugs and love, Sarah

Little Messy Missy said...


mxtodis123 said...

You are mind-blowing to me every morning. I love coming here.

BugginWord said...

Aww! You just made me happier than Octomom with a cattle prod!

Caroline said...

Ha! Yes, you are mind blowing awesome! Congrats on the award. Keep rockin sista!

brandi said...

~well deserved award...and oh so worthy of such...mindblowing...pretty powerful words!! congrats to you and all the ones you passed this along too...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Judy said...

Thanks for mentioning the new blogs...always looking for more to read...I'm going to check them out...

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

"Aunt Amelia" was here.

Which means I read and enjoyed and want to write a big Comment. But I can't stay on line, long enough to do so. -Bleahhh-

So I'm leaving this weird comment all over Pretty Blog Land.

Oh and it's HOT here, too!!! -Bleahhhh-


always deserving of every award you get..thanks for thinking of me..i need to put up the awards i got..i forget..