Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Women of the WDGCC

Over the past eight years of the Circle's existence, hundreds of women have attended. Many we see only once or twice. For whatever reason, they do not become regular members and that's fine. This Circle will not resonate with everyone nor will it meet everyone's needs. But many women do become regulars. Some come for a year or two or three until their lives change and they move on. Some attend for many years and stop coming only because they no longer live in Edmonton. A small handful have attended faithfully right from the Circle's start in 2001. Women have come and gone from the Circle like the never-ending stream which feeds the Sacred Well of the Goddess.

All kinds of women come to the Circle. Young, middle-aged and old. Every race, every creed, every type and description of women. Mothers and daughters. Aunties and nieces. Friends and lovers. Every shape and size of women. Women at every stage of the spiritual journey. Women with every life experience imaginable.

I have been privileged to meet many wonderful women over the years because of the Circle. Our paths probably would have never crossed otherwise. To me, this is the greatest blessing derived from hosting the Circle every month.


jaz@octoberfarm said... to the movie 'practical magic'!!! i think i have seen it at least 200 times! it is such a chick flick!!!


women helping women...doesn't get any better than that.