Thursday, 19 February 2009

My Robbie Burns Moment

One evening, many years ago in Winnipeg, I went to pick up a friend at her tai chi class. The class was held in an old, old building near the corner of Portage and Main that was scheduled for demolition at the end of the month. When I arrived, the class was still in progress so I waited and watched from the sidelines.

As the class practised the slow and graceful movements of their meditative exercise, a small mouse scurried out from the shadows onto the middle of the floor. No one saw it but me. The mouse stopped, looked around and then stood up on its hind legs. It swayed and bowed and waved its tiny paws in the air. Then it dropped to all fours again and scurried off into the shadows once more.

Ah, wee, sleekit, dancin' tai chi beastie! I shan't forget thee!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful mouse picture.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Thanks, I swiped it off teh interwebs! I see from your icon that you're a fan of animal pictures too!