Sunday, 8 February 2009

Nom Nom Nom in The Peg: Salisbury House

Winnipeg has a chain of restaurants found nowhere else in the country, called Salisbury House or "The Sals" for short. The Sals originated as post-war highway restaurants throughout Manitoba ("Look for the Little Red Roof" used to be their advertising slogan) but now Sals are restricted to a few restaurants located in Winnipeg. Another distinctive thing about The Sals is that they call their hamburgers "nips." Apparently the original owner came up with this term. So Manitobans (especially older Manitobans) sometimes call all hamburgers "nips" whether they come from The Sals or not. Thirty years ago when I was a university student, my favourite order at The Sals was a cheese nip and onion rings. A couple of years ago when I was back visiting in Winnipeg, I went to The Sals and ordered my old favourite. I found it unbearably greasy. So what they say is true -- you can never go home again.

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