Friday, 26 June 2009

Christian Crafts: Burnt Matchstick Cross

One year at Vacation Bible School, we each made a burnt matchstick cross. For safety reasons, the minister burnt all the matchsticks for us. First, he took a big box of wooden matches and opened it a tiny bit, with one match head sticking out. Then he set the box on the cement steps of the church and lit the match that was sticking out. FOOM! The whole box went up at once and at that precise instant, the minister closed the box to extinguish the fire before the wooden matchsticks were entirely burnt up. That's how we got the effect of wood lightly charred at one end.

Then it was our turn. Using a pattern, we cut a large cross out of cardboard and fashioned a hanger out of string on the back. Next, we carefully glued charred matchsticks to the front in a particular pattern. Once dry, the cross was shellacked and voila! beautiful Christian art of which any home could be proud!

I can't believe I was actually able to find a photo of a burnt matchstick cross on the internet, but here it is! This is exactly what the end product was supposed to look like. Unfortunately, my cross didn't, because I got mixed up while following the pattern and some of my matchsticks started going the wrong way. But my parents loved my burnt matchstick cross anyway. So much so that they gave it pride of place out in the garage!


lovephileo said...

wow! i think this one will be a great gift. i think i'll try doing one and feature it on this site

babbiea2006 said...

I was looking to find this pattern,
because when I was younger and in Sunday School our class made one of these, I was so proud of it,but I was unable to go the Sunday they were going to let us take them home, so I never received mine. Since then I did try to make one on my own without a pattern,I have it on my wall. I wanted to see about finding this to let my Sunday School class make one. Thanks, Babbie

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Note to anyone who wants to make one of these -- work from the centre outwards. Start with the central X made of four matchsticks minus their heads. Then lay down each V of matchsticks that radiates out from the centre.

Happy crafting, everyone!

Carly Burr said...

roughly how big is this and how many would I need?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Carly, the cross is about one foot long and maybe 8 inches wide, I'd estimate. One large box of wooden matches should be more than enough to do one cross. Hope this helps!

Jami H said...

We are doing this for vbs this year. Our minister had a blast pre-burning all of the matches :)