Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Lord's Prayer: Aramaic Version

Father-Mother! Birther and Breath of All.
Create a space inside us and fill us with your presence.
Let Oneness now prevail.

Your one desire then acts through ours,
as energy fills all forms.
Give us physical and spiritual nourishment each day.

Untangle the knots of error that bind us,
as we release others.
Don't let appearances make us forgetful of the Source,
but free us to act appropriately.

Age to age, from you comes the glorious harmony of Life.
May these statements be fertile ground
from which our future grows.

Aramaic was the language spoken by Jesus. A few years ago, an Aramaic version of The Lord's Prayer made the rounds, translated from the Peshitta Gospels. Some describe it as a profound translation that reveals the deeply mystical nature of Jesus' prayer. Others dismiss the translation as too influenced by New Age thought. (I suspect the inclusion of Divine Feminine imagery especially sticks in their craw).

I think it's an interesting version, but its poetry is kind of clunky and doesn't flow easily or particularly gracefully, IMHO. But I do love the first two lines.

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