Thursday, 19 March 2009

Silly Meme, Cat Edition

I picked up a fun meme over at Thalia Took's blog, Amused Grace. This is how it's done: google your cat's name along with the word "needs" and see what weird phrases pop up, revealing your cat's secret life. Here's the results I got, along with my editorial comments.

Her Royal Highness needs:

--a crown. [got one already!]

--to be serenaded with songs. [especially the "Meow Mix" song, it's her fave!]

--to have her very own tableware set to learn proper table manners when guests arrive. [yes, she's a very messy eater, it's true]

--gloves for her regal hands, gloves to obscure her sinister deeds. [change "hands" to "paws" and yes, it's completely accurate!]

--to sleep. [23 hours per day]

--to catch up with the times. [yeah, like Rip Van Winkle]

--a big jet. [. . . 0kay?]

--gold to fund her lavish expeditions. [. . . okay?]

--your money! [hey, I detect a pattern here]

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