Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Miss Zoe's Furry Little Bunny Paw . . .

. . . reached out across the blogosphere last week and gave me a lovely Kreativ Blogger Award. Many thanks for this honour, Miss Zoe and Marcy Hall at Ordinary Enchantment!

Seven Rules
1. Thank the person giving the award (or, in this case, the person and rabbit giving the award).

2. Copy the award to your blog.

3. Place a link to their blog.

4. Name seven things people don't know about you.

5. Nominate seven other bloggers who you admire.

6. Place a link to these bloggers.

7. Leave a comment on their blog notifying them of the award.

Seven Unknown Facts
As you will see, I am in a distinctly musical frame of mind at the moment:

1. I adore bagpipes. Anytime. Anywhere.

2. My favourite composers are Bach, Handel, Mozart and Beethoven. None of them ever wrote a bad note in their entire friggin' lives.

3. There's nothing I like better than a good hurtin' country song. The more steel guitar, the better.

4. Actually, I enjoy all types of music. And yes, that includes rap once in a while, provided that the lyrics are not violent, sexist or homophobic.

5. The only musical instrument I play is the recorder (badly). But I have been playing it (badly) for 40 years. I am nothing if not persistent.

6. I also do soul drumming at my drumming circle. Like the priestesses of old, we drum to the Great Goddess.

7. I like to serenade my cat, Her Royal Highness, by singing the Meow Mix Song (her personal fave). Don't worry, I don't do it in public. At least not yet.

Seven Nominations
Now I must reach across the blogosphere with my own furry little paw to pass on this Kreativ Blogger Award to seven other creative bloggers! Participation is, of course and as always, strictly voluntary!

1. faerwillow at ~serendipity~

2. turquoisemoon at Daily Om

3. Zedral Z at Witchin' in the Kitchen

4. Witch by Nature and Bitch by Choice at Antics of a Tameran Witch

5. Laura Hegfield at Shine the Divine: Creativity as a Spiritual Practice

6. Albertamama at What Happy Is

7. Sara at Mama Craft


brandi said...

~i LOVE the bagpipes too...wanted them playing at our wedding but husband thought it would be a bit much : ( THANK you so you little sweet pea for passing this along to me and know i know 7 more things about you that i had not...ps~i don't mind if you serenade your kitty in public...sing away! brightest blessings~

Laura said...

Thanks So MUCH DEBRA...I will be posting this in the next day or so...I'm all f'klempt!

mxtodis123 said...

Congrats Debra. Some great facts. Don't those bagpipes just make the hair on your arms stand up? I love 'em.

Unknown said...

I'm with ya' on the bagpipes!!! Love them. What a nice suprise that you've passed this on to me too. Thank you so much!!! Now to think of 7 other blogs to pay it forward...How exciting!


if you have a record player..I have an LP of songs with bagpipes..haven't played it in years..so if you want it it's yours..

Sara said...

I love bagpipes. They are hauntingly beautiful.

Thanks for thinking of me. And I enjoyed reading a little more about you.


Laura said...

Just wanted to say thanks again...I just posted the lovely award on my blog and passed it on!

have a WoNdEr-FuLl DaY!

Rue said...

Yes - the bagpipes! Especially on a stormy day. I don't know why a stormy day... I guess it's kind of erie. Which bagpipes are not. Hmm...I've gotten lost here...

Caroline said...

Ha! You are so funny...you can't be a bad recorder if you have been playing it for 40 years! You just can't. Meow Meow Meow Meow.. Meow Meow Meow Meow...Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow... :)

Anonymous said...

Putting in my vote for the 'pipes too! When I was a kid, one of our neighbours played the bagpipes and I loved hearing him practise. They always make me teary-eyed. And you're absolutely right about #2 as well. There's no denying genius.